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Stuff I watched this year, part 1: Dramas of 2009

I watched many more dramas this year than I did the previous years. Maybe it’s because I didn’t find the music fandom too appealing so I turned to the drama fandom. Whatever the reason, I also ended up recapping two dramas and let me tell ya, it was like writing two 5000+ word papers every single week for two/three months, and the papers were due on consecutive days, always.


The dramas I managed to finish in their entirety: Boys Over Flowers, You’re Beautiful, Brilliant Legacy, Triple, and an oldie, The Devil/Mawang.

The dramas that I tried to watch, but had to drop out of sheer boredom/ludicrousness: Japanese: Code Blue and Maou (remake of Mawang). Korean: Swallow the Sun, Hot-Blooded Salesman, and Partner.

The dramas I’m in the process of watching: Will it Snow for Christmas? and Black & White.

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You’re Beautiful, episode 16 (final)

God said “Let there be light!” And there were stars a-plenty. God said, “Let Taekyung be told!” And Taekyung got told.

God said, “It shall be good.”

And it was good.

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You’re Beautiful, episode 15

“You’re Beautiful,” I was going to marry you. You were the best I’d ever met. Funny, well-articulated, realistic, sensible, dependable. Sure, there were some things about you that were inevitable given the family you came from — the love rectangle, the mommy problems, the second male cousin of yours who took forever to get a sentence out — but I loved you regardless. Why did you have to break my heart and my brain by doing what you did in episode 15? And so close to the end of what could’ve been a hilarious and hassle-free courtship!

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You’re Beautiful, episode 14

I have reached a boiling point with Minam. I can’t tolerate her any longer. Why does this ALWAYS happen with K-dramas?! When will I find the best, sickest, bravest, most-badass, invincible female lead ever and will they be able to stay consistent even in the face of love?! Minam ain’t it, that’s for sure.

As for Jeremy, all I have for him is a big question mark.

Well, you win some, you lose some.

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You’re Beautiful, episode 13

I’ve never been this miserable over a second lead for this long, ever. Just when I thought the writers have exhausted their emotional capacity to shaft Shinwoo repeatedly in the gut, they come up with 68 new ways to mercilessly torment him. I. NEVER! So indignant on his behalf right now.

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