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Will it Snow on Christmas?, episodes 7 and 8

My ultimate Achilles heel with drama write-ups/recaps is that I’m so lazy, guys. I’m SO LAZY. The longer I put it off, the more I have to say, the less I feel inclined to write about it. Oh dear, what a vicious cycle…

This image isn’t from this episode, but isn’t this shot just great? Like I’ve said a million times, I would totally watch a teen drama version of “Will it Snow on Christmas,” with Nam Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. (And of course, an undead Song Joong Ki.)

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Stuff I watched this year, part 1: Dramas of 2009

I watched many more dramas this year than I did the previous years. Maybe it’s because I didn’t find the music fandom too appealing so I turned to the drama fandom. Whatever the reason, I also ended up recapping two dramas and let me tell ya, it was like writing two 5000+ word papers every single week for two/three months, and the papers were due on consecutive days, always.


The dramas I managed to finish in their entirety: Boys Over Flowers, You’re Beautiful, Brilliant Legacy, Triple, and an oldie, The Devil/Mawang.

The dramas that I tried to watch, but had to drop out of sheer boredom/ludicrousness: Japanese: Code Blue and Maou (remake of Mawang). Korean: Swallow the Sun, Hot-Blooded Salesman, and Partner.

The dramas I’m in the process of watching: Will it Snow for Christmas? and Black & White.

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Will it Snow on Christmas?, episodes 5 and 6

It’s only ever when I recap that I realize I always have SO MUCH TO SAY about everything. Grrrr.

Cha Kang Jin, you’re so cool, I lub you.

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Will it Snow on Christmas?, episodes 1-4

Just a short drive-by like I always do:

This is a nice contrast to the more slapstick “You’re Beautiful,” which just finished airing as y’all know. It’s a melodrama, which I can appreciate, because sometimes — just sometimes — you just need it to hurt so good. The only type of melodrama I can’t handle from Kpop is the kind that involves some sort of fatal disease, and from the looks of this one, there probably isn’t going to be the oh-my-god-I’m-SO-surprised-I-have-leukemia schtick.

And essentially, I felt the need to jot this post down only because of the two young-in’s who play Go Soo and Han Ye Seul’s characters’ younger selves. THEY ARE SO GOOD. For some reason K-dramas don’t really like doing prime time dramas that revolve around young adults but I would totally watch a 16 episode drama of a romance between those two. And let’s not lie, the boy looks like a better looking version of Key.

The one thing I’m a little worried about regarding this drama is whether or not there’s going to be a satisfactory storyline outside of the romance. I’m a drama viewer that definitely enjoys a healthy dose of the romancing, but I don’t like stories that only have a romantic storyline. I almost always get frustrated with that type of drama at some point (ie, My Girl, Boys Over Flowers). K-dramas that have a substantial plot using only romance as a sort of after-thought or by-product are the ones that stick with me (ie, Mawang, You’re Beautiful).

Hopefully episodes 5 and 6 will continue to be good and who knows, I may recap those as I go along since winter break is coming up.