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New scans





There’s an accidental pink theme going on?

(The first photo is so good I die.) (It’s currently hanging on my wall.)

(This is NOT an Heirs post, hurrah!)

“Moon Embraces the Sun” kiddos on pretty pages and photoshoots

The young cast of The Moon That Embraces the Sun in various magazines, including Vogue Girl Korea, High Cut, Allure, and 10 Asia. I love it all!

Up first, Yeo Jin-goo in Allure.

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Scans: Vogue Girl Jan 08

Just a couple:

(Yes, that is Siwon lookin’ like a girl. Whoever said he could rock anything was lying.)

All in all, twas a good day

Talk about differing palates in one meal, eh?

This issue of Vogue Girl was pretty bad. The ad pages, on the ad pages! Will be scanning this issue some time soon.