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Tree With Deep Roots, part 2

Well, this ended up being an easy write -_- Being compared to SM and their Exo teaser deluge was an analogy so shameful that it brought you the final edits to this post, something I’ve struggled to write for two months. I don’t even know why it was that hard to write, but finally finishing feels like a writing weight has been lifted off my shoulders…

Out of 100 points, I would give Tree With Deep Roots a 90, which is the highest I’ve ever rated a drama. I’m such a Tiger Mom.

Tree isn’t perfect — in fact, there are some huge glaring flaws about it too — but it was nothing short of an explosion as a drama. It really stirred me as a history student and gave me more food for the brain than any other drama has. More importantly, it gave me a craving to learn more, and an obsessiveness in using what I learn to apply to other realms of Asian culture, which I think is the ultimate mark of successful storytelling.

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Tree With Deep Roots, part 1

Where do I even start with Tree With Deep Roots? There’s so much I want to say, but this first part is dedicated solely to the aesthetic value that Tree provided, which I think is unrivaled with any other drama I’ve seen in terms of production value and sheer ambitiousness of artistic vision: set design, costume design, music direction, cinematography. Everything was lush and inspiring, from start to finish, and the fact that this was only a drama belies just how meticulously crafted the final product was.

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This is how I watch TV

Okay, I don’t watch all TV like this, but Tree With Deep Roots is particularly dense and confusing historically, so I really needed to write everything out…