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Music roundup, July 8

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Go Ryeowook! Go Ryeowook! Dance like it’s yo birfday!

We’re gonna party like it’s yo birfday!

That dancer planted her crotch on his face!
He did a strip tease!

To be completely frank, I watched 90% of the performance like this:

But in all seriousness, this is one of the reasons why I really like Ryeowook, who probably doesn’t get enough love from fans and non-fans alike.

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Two things

Miss A’s debut

I am LOVING this debut. When I first heard the song, it was alright but I didn’t really dig it, but now I find myself humming to it and I think it’s actually a good song to show off the girls’ vocals. I’m impressed that everyone’s fairly well-rounded, and I love Jia and Fei’s voices. Suzy’s singing and dancing is a little weak — it’s easier to notice that her pops aren’t as strong or that she gets out of breath a lot easier when she’s in a sea of good apples. And Min…well, Min’s debut is long overdue.

Super Junior’s “No Other”

God, what is this embarrassing crap. SuJu’s 4th album in general is lackluster and can’t really compare to their third. “No Other” isn’t bad — I actually quite like the happy pop sound going on — but I refuse to watch anymore live performances of this song. The upside of the slower tempo is that everyone sings their lines perfectly, but the downside is that everything else about this song is crap. I hate cutesy dancing and I pretty much hate cutesy SuJu. They do not tickle my fancy at all. Oh, and massive fail as a repackage album song because this is NOT the “Norago” caliber I was hoping for.

Ah well, you win some, you lose some. Here’s to hoping there will even be a fifth album and that it’ll happen soon before the group disbands / more members sue / everyone goes to the army. #2, songs

Someone on formspring asked me:

what are a few of your most fav songs?

This list got a little longer than I thought it’d be…

Imogen Heap – Just for Now (acapella version)
I love this song so much that when I went to watch Imogen perform a couple of weeks ago, when she started singing this song, I teared. Oh, and, Imogen is AMAZING live.

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

Kyuhyun – Smile

SHINee – 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)
Easily the best Kpop debut song ever. Don’t hate. I know all the lyrics to this one -_- No, but seriously, “Hug”? Terrible. “Twins”? Ear bleed. “Oh Yeah”? Oh no. I’ll be honest, I find SHINee still kind of lifeless and boring outside of performing, but you know what, they are easily the best group live out of all their peers and that’s what they debuted to do anyway.

Khalil Fong – Love Song

★ Cinderella’s Sister OST – Minor Waltz

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Ibadi – 오후가 흐르는 숲

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Kyuhyun, please come back soon

These Bonamana performances have been a mess, vocally, without Kyuhyun.

There is a vocal anchor and a dance anchor for every idol group and in SuJu, Kyuhyun is the vocal anchor. His voice is omnipresent in Bonamana. Listen to a MR removed version of their performance, and you’ll know what I mean. He’s in EVERY part of the song. When he’s not singing, the song feels thinner and less full.

This is like when all of SHINee essentially took turns getting swine flu. When Jonghyun was out, I was in fear for all of the RDD performances. You could hear the difference. When Taemin was out, you could see the difference. I’m sure if Eunhyuk were ever sick to the point where he had to skip out on performances, you’d see it too.

So the point is, when Kyuhyun is absent, it is very noticeable, even besides the fact that someone has to cover his solo lines. The performances from the last 5-6 music shows have been terrible. I don’t know why SuJu fans refuse to acknowledge this. I’m not saying this as a fan of Kyuhyun, but everyone has been off steadily throughout, and not only when they’re covering Kyuhyun’s parts.

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