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Dramas of 2010

Let’s wrap this up, procrastinator style!

2010 was a really good drama year for me. I tend to do this thing where when I get really bored with Kpop, I deviate to dramas. Last year was a relatively decent year for music, so my drama list was a little shorter. This year, in contrast, was a really bad year for music, so I found it easier to concentrate my energy on watching dramas.

I watched a lot of dramas this year. I’m usually not a person who keeps up with every single new drama, but this year I did manage to watch a new drama every time an old one wrapped up, so I’ve developed a pretty good sense of how the year in dramas flowed together.

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Sungkyunkwan Scandal, episodes 9 to 14

These couple of episodes have been interesting because it gives me new things to think about. I’m not really clocked into what’s happening in the overarching political storyline, nor am I really invested in the romance between Seon-joon and Yoon-hee, but I think the side characters are shaping up to be more interesting than I thought they’d be.

First is the relationship between Yong-ha and Jae-shin, and then second is the relationship between Cho-sun and Yoon-hee. (The girl who plays Cho-sun was also in Bad Guy as the girl who jumped to her death, which I completely did not even realize until a second ago.)

Lots of gender/sexuality ramble after the jump. Yay!

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Sungkyunkwan Scandal, episodes 3 to 8

Guys, is Song Joong-ki available to buy somewhere out there? To put in my little wittle pocket? So I can stop making gifs??

ANYWAY. An observation:

1) If you learn of the girl’s gender identity early on, and she knows you know, you guys will fall in love. Or fall into attraction with each other at least.
2) If you know she’s a girl, but she doesn’t know you know, and you don’t let her know you know (!!!!!), then you guys are fucking doomed. Weep.
3) If you don’t know the girl’s identity until there is no other alternative, you will fall in love anyway.

And then the invisible fourth option is, if hot guy #1 and hot guy #2 are in cahoots like this:

Then their music cue is:

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On to more serious things like the completely unbelievable male/male relationships in this drama after the jump!

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Sungkyunkwan Scandal, episodes 1 and 2

I was never really interested in the premise of this drama because I’m feeling quite blah at the thought of another cross-dressing girl drama. I was willing to by-pass that and watch this if it had a good cast, and I thought that Song Joong-ki and Yoo Ah-in were good choices.

What wasn’t, is Yoochun and to a lesser extent, Park Min-young. I’m very irrationally angry at dramas that cast idols with no acting experience to take on big roles. I know there does exist a number of people who are of one profession, who go into another without ever having done it before and end up being good at that other profession as well. But from what I can tell of the dramas I’ve watched with idols taking on really big roles is that they’re better off as idols.

If they were really better off as actors, they would probably debut as an actor first, then randomly get plopped into idoldom as to boost their popularity, and then go back into acting once they’ve reached that level of popularity (ie, Sulli and Heechul). It makes me angry because it’s not like there’s a lack of good actors in Korea who can do the job a thousand times better than the idols that are chosen for the parts.

More ramble on casting after the jump.

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