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Drama styling tips #4: Bad Guy

I’m all about the styling of Han Ga-in’s Moon Jae-in in this one.

The guys are standard suits and chaebol-wear, and everyone looks sharp, but it’s nothing to write home about. Moon Jae-in, on the other hand, I love. I’m not that interested in how the Hong family daughters are dressed because it looks like typical expensive-women wear, and that bores me.

The one winning thing about a good majority of Jae-in’s outfits is that her shoes give her rather girly get-ups a sharper, harder edge. She almost always wear badass biker boots, either with stacked heels or no heels at all. Everything else about her outfits are extremely girly — pastel blouses, slouchy button-downs — but once you look down at her shoes, the feeling completely changes.

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Drama styling tips #3: Moon Lovers

So, uh, the last two episodes of “Moon Lovers” have been really painful watch, so instead of doing that I’ll spam you with the styling, with an emphasis on the guys. (I tend to care more about how men are styled than women, eh?)

Japanese fashion is totally different than Korean fashion. There’s more stress on function and practicality over appearance. Things like how lightweight and durable a piece is is really important to Japanese design. Texture is also super important, and you can see that in the variety of materials used for the suit jackets that Kimura Takuya’s character wears.

Most of these are going to be regarding Rensuke’s (Kimura) style, because he’s the protagonist, and let’s face it, he’s the most interesting anyway. Ren is the president of a relatively large company, so the standard president-work-uniform is there — blazer, pressed pants, button-down — but what I really love about how he’s styled in this drama in particular is that the uniform is mixed in with a laissez faire feel, noticeable in things like throwing in a t-shirt, matching suits with non-preppy shoes, etc.


Let’s start with the full-body shots.

Kimura Takuya is not really a model by any standards. He’s on the short side and just doesn’t have the build of a model, which is why the tailoring on his suits have to be precise, or else he’ll drown in them or look too stumpy. That’s remedied by the his tendency (his stylist’s?) to leave things unbuttoned and not tucked in as to not box him in.

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Drama styling tips #2: Cinderella’s Sister

This drama definitely doesn’t have the same variety as Personal Taste in terms of styling, but it also doesn’t rely on youth and city chicness to tell a story about the characters’ lives, which I feel Personal Taste did.

The best dressed character is easily Chun Jung-myung’s Ki-hoon. There’s also a difference in styling as reflected by the characters’ ages — the younger Ki-hoon was more colorful, and the older is more somber. The younger versions of the two female leads were students, so there was nothing special going on. As adults, Hyo-sun is made to be the more stylish one, whereas Eun-jo is the more practical one.

I know that styling and visuals are supposed to complement a show, but as a viewer of this drama, my mind was only on one thing: the story and its characters’ interactions with each other, so while the styling is never bad, the quality of the story definitely takes precedent here.

Let’s start!


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Drama styling tips #1: Personal Taste

Or, AKA, your one-way guide to dress like a metrosexual man.

There’s some great styling going on in “Personal Taste.” It’s not too flashy and I love that there are so many classic outfits. I’m a sucker for boys and girls in preppy gear. Lee Min-ho looked outrageous and ridiculous in “Boys Over Flowers” but in “Personal Taste” he actually looks age-appropriate. The dude has the body of a model and it was completely wasted in BOF. Plus, it’s not like I don’t already want to bone him every time he’s in a scene, but now he looks good too.

With Son Yeh-jin, I get that they’re trying to make Gae-in “quirky” by throwing random things together but those let’s-mix-patterns-with-colors-with-ugly-shoes-with-ridic-pants outfits are uninteresting to me. I know that the people behind the show made her look more “presentable” after the audience complained she looked too sloppy (giving her a straighter haircut, making her look less sloppy at home, etc), but Gae-in’s best outfits are usually the ones she wears to job interviews, lol.

Let’s start, shall we?

THE BLAZER with interesting detail



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