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Question marks abound

Mac’s default dictionary application sources from the Oxford American English Dictionary. I looked up “diaspora,” and it gave me this definition along with a sample sentence in italics, the bold emphasis being mine:

the dispersion of any people from their original homeland : the diaspora of boat people from Asia.

Say whaaaaaat?

Yes, now that I think about it, I would like to find those boat people ancestors of mine.

Head, meet desk. Face, meet palm.

Head, meet desk

From Kate Moss, re: the new line of Longchamp bags she designed, specially in reference to the one in this image,

The emerald green pochette, whose color I love, I wanted to be very simple, based on the shape of an envelope. I would wear it with all black or all navy. Because I love to wear dove grey, I wanted a bag in that color to go with my grey jeans.

– “based on the shape of an envelope”

WOW, nobody ever thought of that before.

– “I would wear it with all black or all navy”

Really now. What a fascinating color combination.

– “Because I love…dove grey, I wanted a go with my grey jeans”

Is this Kate Moss speaking? She of veteran almighty supermodel status, done-every-campaign-for-every-designer-ever? Or is this a 6th grader who discovered that Aeropostale/Abercrombie/American Eagle sold jeans in colors other than blue? And then subsequently needed a matching handbag for an outing with that boy she has a crush on?

Sometimes, it’s no wonder most people think fashionistas are pretentious fucks. Because they will say those things. And then proceed to drop half a grand on that ugly emerald green pochette. Because Kate Moss designed it. For Longchamp.