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J. Crew Men’s SS 2010

SS 2010 shows, part ten

Lanvin’s collection didn’t impress me but there are some insanely gorgeous accessories and shoes. OMG the shoes.

Viktor & Rolf are the only designers whose crazy shit I love. They are SO out there that it’s completely insane, they’re SO weird that it’s just on a whole new level. But then they design the most gorgeous clothes and you’re completely confused as to how they can be nuts like this this but be completely chic and sophisticated like this. (To this day I still think that that pair of shoes is the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen on the runway.)

I think these are gonna be so fun to look at in editorials. Glee!

SS 2010 shows, part nine: Christian Dior

STUNNING. This is amazingly tame for Galliano — guess the recession’s makin’ crazy people play it safe.

SS 2010 shows, part eight: Milan

Only two shows from Milan that caught my eye. Fendi:

I’m surprised at just how much of this collection I liked because I hate Karl Lagerfeld and I’ve disliked almost every collection he’s put out and he’s put out a lot (Fendi, Chanel, AND for his own line, Karl Lagerfeld). The outfits I’ve chosen represent the good half of the collection, lol — the rest of it was pretty fug. But the color palette is beautiful and it’s all so girly without trying to say a lot. Also, even though the shape of the Fendi bags are kind of Hermes Birkin 2.0, I LOVE them and would kill to have one.

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SS 2010 shows, part seven: Burberry Prorsum

Sorry to London Fashion Week but I generally don’t keep up with the shows because I don’t care for most of the designers. (Tell me again, why is House of Holland so popular? Why are T-shirts allowed to be runway material?? Don’t even get me started on Jeremy Scott, omg.)

But Burberry’s show was yesterday and I generally like Burberry. The thing I liked most about this season is the use of a pastel color palette. Unfortunately, season after season, Christopher Bailey seems to be doing the same thing over and over again :\

And there are famous people at every major show, but the front row at Burberry this season was really stunning and stunningly dressed.

From left to right: Dev Patel, Freida Pinto, Alexa Chung, Mary-Kate Olsen, Daisy Lowe, Liv Tyler, Emma Watson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mario Testino. (lol @ PR placing Emma Watson between Liv and Gwyneth…)