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Best of Dramas 2011, part two

Wrapping up my Best of 2011 series is the second part of my picks for Best Drama of 2011.

(Read part one, my picks for best actor/actress here and here, and best of K-pop here.)

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Spy Myung-wol: that one questionable scene

I thought in jest about writing a series called “Questionable K-Drama Male Behavior towards Females,” but I think I’m actually going to do it, and episode 13 of Spy Myung-wol is a good place to start.

Spoilers for the latest episodes, so read with discretion.

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Spy Myung-wol, driveby post

I take back what I said before — this drama is not good. I do not recommend it unless you have the patience of a saint and love Eric with 95% of your heart.

But! Dammit this scene makes me wish Han Ye-seul and Eric were acting in a drama that was less whacko, insane, illogical, and repetitive, something with a stronger story, tighter humor, and less manufactured angst. I must’ve watched it at least six times over already.

It makes me wonder how things would’ve gone if they were characters on an Athena-like show, or if Spy wasn’t a comedy from the start but a dramatic series.

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Spy Myung-wol, episodes 1 and 2

I have no intention of writing this drama off, because my love for Eric gushes through my arteries and synapses and neurons and aortic valves, so no matter how bad it is, I will watch it for Eric.

But right now, it’s sitting pretty on the “pretty bad” side of things.

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July 11 cannot come soon enough

You have no idea how excited I am about Myung-wol the Spy, which is set to premiere on July 11th. The other night, I watched the first episode…IN MY DREAM. That’s how legit I am.

Anyway. I don’t really love the premise of the show (another spy story…) and I don’t really care for any of the second leads (I just can’t learn to like Lee Jin-wook…) but I LOVE Eric and I feel like I’m in the minority in loving Han Ye-seul, so I think a rom-com with them together is going to be so fun. I’m hoping that their chemistry is explosive because apparently for me, explosive chemistry really makes or breaks a drama for me (hence, why I’m still watching the shitfest that is Lie to Me, but have found Best Love boring).

But can I just talk about my Eric love for a second?

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