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I garnished the wall with that page I ripped from the latest Bergdorf catalog with the green Alex McQueen dress, and I put up Instax shots I took this afternoon because it was so goddamn beautiful out and I was in a mood to dawdle outside and snap pictures.

This wall looked like this 9 months ago. French boy with puppy is no longer around. I’m very patient with staring at nothing until I find something that catches my eye and deserves to go up on the wall. Once things go up, they rarely come down.

I bought cookies the other day and I cannot for the life of me find them. Bah humbug.


One of my friends gave me this photo for my birthday, and I let out nervous laughter. I love the shot because he looks serene and content. And he has interestingly sad eyes. But what am I supposed to do with this?! For now, it’ll watch over my army of desktop knickknacks.

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There is no first world luxury I enjoy less than flying, but I was unusually productive on my flights to and from California.

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Food, errands, and more food

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This photo + this song

(The weather is really nice.)

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(The weather is really nice.)