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Questions for SM Entertainment


Dear SM Entertainment,

I’m a long-time listener of the mostly poop you guys release. Because I’ve been listening for so long and have spent so much time, money, and effort on your products, I had a couple of questions I was hoping you guys would be able to answer!

Is that all there is to f(x)’s comeback? Is it that hard for SM to show some understanding of cohesion? Is “don’t start something you can’t finish” that hard to wrap its head around? Does SM have no artistic standards? Does nobody in SM ever feel bored of their own shit?

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SM Entertainment in China

This post is a long time coming, and probably has been in the making since Super Junior first started promoting in China.

Hallyuism at this stage in the game is all about the money. Korea is a place where trends catch on in a millisecond, and people have caught onto the fact that K-pop can make money, and a lot of money at that. So I get it: it’s a cultural product worthy of pride, and it’s an important national export.

The thing that drives me nuts is the extent to which the people exporting their pop and their business in pop have so little consideration for the cultures and countries that they want to export to. I’m not going to call the kettle black, because I understand that I, as an American, come from a country that is notorious for disregarding the cultures and sensibilities of other countries when it comes to forcing our media and culture onto others.

But I obviously have a horse in this particular race, which is why I feel the need to call K-pop out on this. I work and deal with K-pop, and as a non-Korean observer of K-pop, seeing things happen in K-pop that affect me on some level trigger certain reflexes and emotions. At a moment when K-pop is being so highly self-lauded and whose output is being so aggressively marketed outside of Korea, it disgusts me that it will on the one hand pay so much lip service to the markets and countries it’s trying to pursue, and then on the other hand exploit the shit out of it while maintaining fake deference.

And this rant will be primarily about inklings of things I hated when I watched Super Junior M promote, and now stirring me once again with Exo.

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End of year Gayo performances

AKA, things that are awesome in theory, but in theory only.

Like how awesome is an SM Town Orchestra performance…in theory?

How awesome is a hip hop stage…in theory?

And a female idol cover of Run the World…in theory?

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Current K-pop #3: Before U Go

Ladies and gentlemen, this music video serves as a warning: this is what Kdrama life will be like if you let SM helm a project.

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Current K-pop #2: RINO!!!!!!

Rino is so fucking bomb. I just love watching her move. Everything’s so hard and soft at the same time, a combo of movements I love from female dancers. I can totally see BoA dancing to this (and this kind of dancing is what she should’ve gotten for Hurricane Venus or Copy & Paste.)

Basically, I love Rino because she is a woman who can move like a man.