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Best of Dramas 2011, part two

Wrapping up my Best of 2011 series is the second part of my picks for Best Drama of 2011.

(Read part one, my picks for best actor/actress here and here, and best of K-pop here.)

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Scent of a Woman, episodes 5 and 6

Stunning, gorgeous, takes my breath away. The acting: dear LORD the acting. The look: I actually changed up my usual routine to view this in HD so that I could properly bask in the rich colors and blow-my-mind shots.

Something about the combination of Lee Yeon-jae and Kang Ji-wook compels me to make grabby hands and sigh wistfully. It’s fascinating to see Kang Ji-wook so defensive about his societal status, which is an easy observation to make about the wealthy and powerful, and twice as fascinating to see Lee Yeon-jae not give a hoot.

More after the cut on Kang Ji-wook and his chaebol-y ways.

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Scent of a Woman, episodes 1 to 4



I have faith that Korean dramas will prove that they are no longer using death as a means to create superficial conflict, but rather use it as a topic to be explored more philosophically, especially if 49 Days was a sign of things to come.

After four episodes in, I can say that I am definitely on board with Scent of a Woman. But I do proceed with a healthy (pun?) dose of caution, as heart break is inevitable. I would advise anyone not to get too comfortable or carried away, because the laws of physics dictate that the higher you go, the harder you fall.





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