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My Girlfriend is Gumiho, episodes 1 to 3

My sixth Hong Sister drama. Round of applause, please.

I’m not immediately hooked yet, but I’ve almost never disliked anything the Hong Sisters have put out, so I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this drama. I think I keep expecting this to be as funny as “You’re Beautiful” (which I personally think is their most hilarious drama to date) and it’s not quite there yet but there are definitely upsides to this drama.

One huge bone I have to pick is that the Hong Sisters are absolute crap at writing female characters. I can sense it’s going to be the same in this. All Hong Sister second female leads are psychotic bitches who are incredibly manipulative and deceitful. What the hell :\

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I love this song. It works so well with certain scenes, and the humming in the song is beautiful.

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Bad Guy, episodes 1-5

So far, the only thing that’s really keeping me invested in this drama is the acting from Kim Nam-gil and Kim Jae-wook. The story is been-there-done-that-and-better and I shrug constantly when Han Ga-in or Oh Yeon-soo are on screen.

(P.S. Already groaning at the fact that this is going to be 20 episodes long. By about episode 14, I’m going to start cursing excessively at illogical plot turns and ridiculous lapses in judgment.)

(P.P.S. Is it weird that I find all of the characters’ names really pretty? Tae-ra, Mo-nae, Jae-in, Gun-wook.)

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Personal Taste, episodes 5 to whatever it’s up to now

Guess the title of the post gives you a sense of my feelings towards the show, eh?

I took it off my “Currently watching” list because I had a couple of problems with the show starting with episodes 5 and 6, and then they got to be bigger and bigger problems as the weeks went by. Maybe I just have slight drama ADD and can’t emotionally invest in more than one drama at a time, but it’s hard for me not to compare Personal Taste with Cinderella’s Sister at the moment — not because the stories or the actors are appropriate points of comparison, but it’s easy to compare the level of writing that goes into each and the direction that each story takes.

At the heart of it, both Personal Taste and Cinderella’s Sister have the standard story lines typical to both television serials and K-dramas in particular — PT harps on the move-in-male-who-falls-for-girl, and CS is a Cinderella story. But what piqued my interest is that both of those dramas try to subvert those norms by angling the story in a different light: PT goes for the sexuality factor and CS goes for the reversal of the Cinderella plight.

Surprisingly, it’s not how the writers chose to handle the sexuality plotline that I have a problem with — in fact, I think this show does a really good job illustrating sexuality in both men and women — but the problem I have is that there are some things that suspend my belief and makes me go, “Really? You’re gonna use that plot contrivance? Really??”

Minor spoilers ahead.

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Cinderella’s Sister, episode 5

Now we’ll start the recaps in earnest.

I had really wanted a continuation of everybody in their younger years. Like I’ve said for “Will It Snow for Christmas,” I would not mind watching a melodrama involving teens, because god knows adults can be such idiots. Another reason I guess they had to move on is that they cast Taec, and apparently he’s the only person who can’t play a younger version of himself, while everyone else can. Not that I don’t love kid!Jung Woo. He’s the best; I laugh at every scene he’s in.

(On another note, I am feverishly trying to churn out all of CS’ recaps so I can be up-to-date and recap as the episodes air. I find that it’s really difficult to write recaps for eps that have aired for one-two weeks in the past because you already know what happens afterward and it skews your point of view. So yes, if there are like a bajillion consecutive recaps for this drama in the next week or so, bear with me.)

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Personal Taste, episodes 3 and 4

During the first week of broadcast, I wasn’t particularly convinced of this show’s merits, despite the fact that I had anticipated it. Then episodes three and four came the second week, and I was pretty swayed, mostly due to the fact that Son Yeh-jin’s veteran acting skills were really kicking in and convincing me of the Gae-in character, who I didn’t particularly like in the beginning.

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