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Flower land in K-dramas, part 1: Ramyun Shop, episodes 3-6

Okay, so I like this drama, everything and everyone are really cute, and I’m enjoying the viewing experience, but I’ve come to the conclusion with another friend that this drama is really . . . shallow.

It’s a character-driven drama to be sure, but not really a story-driven one, and that can be somewhat problematic down the line. This is a standard 16 episodes, but at the rate that it’s going now, I’m not sure they’ll have enough story for another 10 episodes.

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Here a drama, there a drama: part 2

A continuation of this post, only this one focuses on J-dramas.

After the jump:

– Nagareboshi
– Boss 2
– Soredemo Ikite Yuku
– Nankyoku Tairiku
– That awful butler drama Kitagawa Keiko is in

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Here a drama, there a drama: part 1

OH EM GEE! *blows dust off ze blog* A drama post from me. Haven’t written one since September. Crazy times.

So in the time that I’ve been MIA, I’ve watched a lot of stuff, but haven’t been compelled to write about them. A new season of dramas is upon us and I’ve been keeping up with some, and I’m interested in seeing where some of them go.

And just as an FYI because people have been asking, I sorta stopped watching Protect the Boss halfway in after hearing that they were getting an extension. I stopped at episode 11 and this is one of those dramas that are REALLY hard to pick up after you drop them, because so little is going on narratively. I do plan on finishing it before the year’s over, but the mood has to be there first. Two more episodes is A LOT because this means the remainder of the story had to add another 2 hours worth of material and that’s just never, ever handled well, which is why I am in no rush to finish PtB.

I stopped Scent of a Woman after episode 13 because things got needlessly redundant? The story hit that point in an epic (and tragic) K-drama where everyone started getting really stubborn and mopey and teary and mind you, this is when I started watching J-dramas nonstop and was severely put off by the doom and gloom of it all. I’ve been itching to finish it one of these days and will probably do so sooner or later. So no spoilers please.

A round-up of the things I’m watching/I’ve checked out, after the jump, including:
– Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
– A Thousand Days’ Promise
– Man of Honor

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The Good Wife, baaaaby

If I haven’t stated it enough on all social media platforms, I’ve watched a. lot. of. The Good Wife. I am all caught up after a week (that’s 51 episodes, folks) and I have a lot to say.

What else is new?

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Zenkai Girl, episodes 1 to 8

I’ve been meaning to check this drama out because I like Aragaki Yui, and I’m glad I did because it’s really enjoyable. It’s well-written and just light enough that I don’t feel completely overwhelmed. There are things about each of the main characters that drive me batty, but I like the changes in pace and tone of Jdramas compared to that in Kdramas.

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