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Drama quick cap #1

I realize I’m really bad about wrapping up opinion-caps for dramas I watch. I always lose steam halfway into it, so I’m just going to wrap up a drama I never got around to doing, and briefly give an overview of dramas I’m currently watching but haven’t felt the urge to fully dedicate posts to.

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Tree With Deep Roots, part 2

Well, this ended up being an easy write -_- Being compared to SM and their Exo teaser deluge was an analogy so shameful that it brought you the final edits to this post, something I’ve struggled to write for two months. I don’t even know why it was that hard to write, but finally finishing feels like a writing weight has been lifted off my shoulders…

Out of 100 points, I would give Tree With Deep Roots a 90, which is the highest I’ve ever rated a drama. I’m such a Tiger Mom.

Tree isn’t perfect — in fact, there are some huge glaring flaws about it too — but it was nothing short of an explosion as a drama. It really stirred me as a history student and gave me more food for the brain than any other drama has. More importantly, it gave me a craving to learn more, and an obsessiveness in using what I learn to apply to other realms of Asian culture, which I think is the ultimate mark of successful storytelling.

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The Moon That Embraces the Sun, episodes 9 to 12

It’s bad if my favorite scene in the last four episodes is this one, right?

So, it took me quicker to fall out of love with this show than it did for me to fall in love. Last time I wrote about Moon, I didn’t feel that I was being entirely fair because we had only gotten into the meat of the adult story for three episodes and thus maybe I was speaking negatively too early, but now that we’re done with 12 episodes, I’m afraid my hesitation and disappointment have settled in and solidified. I’m praying that they don’t extend this drama another 4 episodes, because I’m too close to checking out as it is.

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The Moon That Embraces the Sun, episodes 4 to 8

I find that a general problem with K-dramas that are based solely on romantic relationships and the getting together of two people is that romance alone can’t sustain a story; there has to be other elements. With sageuks in particular, a lot of writers often times feel the need to fill their stories with a certain amount of politics — almost to fulfill a quota — or else, hey, their dramas would just be regular ol’ dramas.

And that’s what I’m starting to feel with The Moon That Embraces the Sun: what the writer of the original source material really want is for King Hwon to mack at it all day with Yeon-woo, but because they can’t, he’s gonna throw in a bunch of plotting ministers and rich nobles taking advantage of The Common Folk so that it feels somewhat historical, and call it a day. I love the relationship between Hwon and Yeon-woo, but I am wary already of how much fluff we’re going to have to sit through in order for the two to get together. It would be fine if the fluff were well-written and well-acted, but it’s not, so I’m gnashing my teeth a bit.

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Flower land in K-dramas, part 2: Me Too, Flower, episodes 1-4

Alright, so I don’t normally do this, but since I started it already — I’m just going to give a general review of this drama four episodes in. I’ve watched beyond that, but started doing some serious eye-rollage at around episode 7, and promptly gave up on it so this will ONLY be what I see in the first four episodes.

With that said, I know everyone was expecting this drama to be a disaster, and I did too, but it did win me over with the characters. And I’m going to go ahead and say it — I think despite being cast for the wrong character, Yoon Shi-yoon is doing a much better job than I think Kim Jae-won could’ve done.

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