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Dramas of 2010

Let’s wrap this up, procrastinator style!

2010 was a really good drama year for me. I tend to do this thing where when I get really bored with Kpop, I deviate to dramas. Last year was a relatively decent year for music, so my drama list was a little shorter. This year, in contrast, was a really bad year for music, so I found it easier to concentrate my energy on watching dramas.

I watched a lot of dramas this year. I’m usually not a person who keeps up with every single new drama, but this year I did manage to watch a new drama every time an old one wrapped up, so I’ve developed a pretty good sense of how the year in dramas flowed together.

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Best of Kpop 2010

If 2009 was the year of American crossovers, 2010 was definitely the year of scandal and bad music. Not that there isn’t always bad music in Kpop, but there seems much more of the bad this year than good. Still, not all was drab, there were some releases that felt nice and different.

I can’t complain about the dramas. I watched a buttload of dramas this year and it was a pretty satisfying year of dramas. It wasn’t all great, but there was enough good all around to make this a pretty decent year in dramaland.

This post will be divided up into music and dramas, though I concentrate mostly on music, since I will go much more in-depth for dramas in my upcoming monstrous review post.

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My Girlfriend is Gumiho, episodes 4 to 12

Something is off about this drama. This is the only drama I’m currently paying very close attention to, but for some reason I’m just not really into it like I have been for past Hong Sister dramas. I know what I really love — Lee Seung-gi and what he’s doing with his role — but everything else doesn’t seem compelling.

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My Girlfriend is Gumiho, episodes 1 to 3

My sixth Hong Sister drama. Round of applause, please.

I’m not immediately hooked yet, but I’ve almost never disliked anything the Hong Sisters have put out, so I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this drama. I think I keep expecting this to be as funny as “You’re Beautiful” (which I personally think is their most hilarious drama to date) and it’s not quite there yet but there are definitely upsides to this drama.

One huge bone I have to pick is that the Hong Sisters are absolute crap at writing female characters. I can sense it’s going to be the same in this. All Hong Sister second female leads are psychotic bitches who are incredibly manipulative and deceitful. What the hell :\

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I love this song. It works so well with certain scenes, and the humming in the song is beautiful.

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