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Drama styling tips #3: Moon Lovers

So, uh, the last two episodes of “Moon Lovers” have been really painful watch, so instead of doing that I’ll spam you with the styling, with an emphasis on the guys. (I tend to care more about how men are styled than women, eh?)

Japanese fashion is totally different than Korean fashion. There’s more stress on function and practicality over appearance. Things like how lightweight and durable a piece is is really important to Japanese design. Texture is also super important, and you can see that in the variety of materials used for the suit jackets that Kimura Takuya’s character wears.

Most of these are going to be regarding Rensuke’s (Kimura) style, because he’s the protagonist, and let’s face it, he’s the most interesting anyway. Ren is the president of a relatively large company, so the standard president-work-uniform is there — blazer, pressed pants, button-down — but what I really love about how he’s styled in this drama in particular is that the uniform is mixed in with a laissez faire feel, noticeable in things like throwing in a t-shirt, matching suits with non-preppy shoes, etc.


Let’s start with the full-body shots.

Kimura Takuya is not really a model by any standards. He’s on the short side and just doesn’t have the build of a model, which is why the tailoring on his suits have to be precise, or else he’ll drown in them or look too stumpy. That’s remedied by the his tendency (his stylist’s?) to leave things unbuttoned and not tucked in as to not box him in.

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Moon Lovers

God, can we just look at those GQMFs right there. Just look at them.

Anyhoo, I’ve been meaning to watch a Kimura Takuya drama for forever but I’m still pretty new to Japanese fandom in general, and getting into a new country’s fandom is intense. Every kind of fandom — TV, film, books — has its own rules, and even moreso if the fandom originates from another country. I’m already comfortable in my Korean — and to a lesser extent, Chinese — pop bubble, because I know where to look for discussions on the pop culture and I know where to find that material on my own to sample it. Totally not fluent in J-fandom, which is why I’ve really put it off for so long. Also, I have a huge problem remembering Japanese names. They’re so much longer than their East Asian counterparts D:

More rambling after the jump, oh and yeah, off to watch every single drama Kimura Takuya has ever done.

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