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Lee Minho for Trugen, SS12 behind-the-scenes

Oh Minho you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Minho!

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Best of Dramas 2011, part one

So many dramas this year. May be getting carpal tunnel from typing my babble. #realtalk

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Drama styling tips #6: City Hunter

This show should’ve actually been called Lee Min-ho’s Great Blazers, Pants, and Shoes, not City Hunter.

To be honest, Lee Min-ho didn’t wear a great variety of things on the show, but stuck to an easy combination of blazer/coat/T-shirt/button-down/pants/oxfords where he mixed and matched a lot of pieces. I actually enjoyed that because a lot of times in dramas, characters have these insane, unrealistic warddrobes where they literally own every piece of clothing under the sun. Remember how Jandi was “poor” but never duplicated an outfit twice? Ever? Yeah.

Lee Min-ho’s drama style is the reason why I started the series and it’s nice to see he still wows me with his good looks and boner appeal great style.

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City Hunter, episodes 1 to 4

I’m not sure what to think about City Hunter yet. On the one hand, this is the genre I’ve been waiting for Lee Min-ho to do because this story requires the broad range that Lee Min-ho possesses. Episode 1 was stellar. Lee was mesmerizing. On the other hand, I’m not very emotionally invested in the government plots and revenges, nor am I very attached to Lee’s budding romance with Park Min-young, and Park is another problem all by herself.

So…I don’t know?!

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Lee Min-ho gave an interview on MBC Section TV, he said,

I have an older sister and I don’t really like it when she wears short skirts. Even with any girls that have some sort of relation with me, even though they are my friends, I nag at them if they wear short skirts.

This quote bothers me and it adds itself onto a list of reasons why even though I like Lee Min-ho as an actor, I’ve always been kinda iffy with him. (During his BOF days, he was asked about his ideal type, and he said he replied with women with “really white/light skin.”)

Anyway, I think what he said about short skirts isn’t really an opinion that only he holds, so maybe it’s not fair that I hold it against him personally, but since he’s a famous actor and someone a ton of people like/admire, it’s relevant.

Just this more general statement of a man (sometimes a woman) projecting dislike over what he deems is appropriate attire is an issue. Other than the obvious fact that it really isn’t his body or his personal clothing choice, it gives off the idea that a woman wearing clothing a certain way is an invitation for something to happen. Like if she wears a short skirt, if she gets raped, well it’s her fault for wearing something sexually suggestive. Or if she wears a shirt showing a lot of cleavage and she gets thrown perverted remarks, she was asking for it.

This sort of stuff places all the responsibility of maintaining abstinence on the victim, and none of it on the attacker. It’s so completely ingrained into our culture that women are doing themselves some kind of disservice if they wear something suggesting promiscuity, but it’s entirely unfair because why do women have to go through several lengths to tamper down an image just so that nothing happens? How about the men just keep to themselves?

At the end of the day, you can argue that this is just Lee Min-ho’s preference and that he isn’t being offensive or discriminatory, but this type of opinion, voiced by a famous and well-liked actor, just perpetuates this stigma against women dressing a certain way because it’s an invitation for attack. I’m not saying I’m a fan of breasts hanging out of shirts or shorts that don’t cover anything, but it’s ridiculous how many things girls have to do in order to “feel safe” in an environment.

Some posts of relevance regarding news on a condom introduced pre-World Cup that was meant to “prevent” rape (but by doing so, placed the responsibility of preventing rape on the women, not the rapists. Ergo, if a woman was raped, she wasn’t doing enough to prevent it.):
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