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Heart palpitations, guys

I don’t know about Jino yet, but I am so so so so so so so excited about Kyuhyun, Jonghyun, and Jay singing songs together that my mind might explode. I think this group is going to work really well because there are at least two deep voices (Kyu & Jay’s) and one higher one (Jonghyun) and just…OMG! I’m a little afraid that this is just gonna be a battle of who-can-hold-higher-notes-for-longer (which you can already kinda hear on the track) but who cares!

And this song sounds a little like the groovy “Sorry Sorry (R&B version)” that I so liked. If we get more of the R&B and less of the typical Korean ballad, I am all. on. board.

(This is missing some Junsu though. Damn him for wanting more rights and crap ;))

Kyuhyun, please come back soon

These Bonamana performances have been a mess, vocally, without Kyuhyun.

There is a vocal anchor and a dance anchor for every idol group and in SuJu, Kyuhyun is the vocal anchor. His voice is omnipresent in Bonamana. Listen to a MR removed version of their performance, and you’ll know what I mean. He’s in EVERY part of the song. When he’s not singing, the song feels thinner and less full.

This is like when all of SHINee essentially took turns getting swine flu. When Jonghyun was out, I was in fear for all of the RDD performances. You could hear the difference. When Taemin was out, you could see the difference. I’m sure if Eunhyuk were ever sick to the point where he had to skip out on performances, you’d see it too.

So the point is, when Kyuhyun is absent, it is very noticeable, even besides the fact that someone has to cover his solo lines. The performances from the last 5-6 music shows have been terrible. I don’t know why SuJu fans refuse to acknowledge this. I’m not saying this as a fan of Kyuhyun, but everyone has been off steadily throughout, and not only when they’re covering Kyuhyun’s parts.

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Music Bank 5/14/10

Super Junior’s “Bonamana”

When I said that Bonamana’s choreography is “high energy,” I grossly underestimated.

This wasn’t a bad performance, but a lot of members were really out of breath and you could hear it through the mics. At first, I was thinking it’s better idea to use head mics, but those suckers would’ve caught everything and it’s better in retrospect that they didn’t use those.

And I’m wildly impressed by Ryeowook. That guy’s lungs aren’t human. He is solid throughout the entire performance and he always has been for all Suju perfs I’ve ever watched. I have a soft spot for Ryeowook because he’s just so dependable live, despite someone thinking that it was a good idea to give him swishy, waterfall hair that he had to flip out of his face every .5 seconds.

I don’t need to say a lot for Kyuhyun1, but OMG Kyuhyun. It really just tickles my pickle (yep, I just said that) when I find a performer who can sing well and dance well. Junsu of DBSK was my Kpop jjang because he is master at doing both at the same time, but there is still something about Junsu’s voice that I haven’t grown to love 100% even after three years.

Kyuhyun’s, on the other hand, I could listen to for the rest of my life. I generally find that those in SM who are really good singers in each particular group are not natural movers2 — Jaejoong (omg worst dancer ever), Ryewook (well, he tries), Onew (FAIL), Yehsung (please), Tiffany (so bad). And even though I never thought of Kyuhyun as a great dancer, he’s become one, which is really a pleasant surprise and makes me love him even more if that’s at all possible.3

1 I am a fucking liar.
2 Exceptions to this are Jonghyun of SHINee and Luna of f(x).
3 SuJu, please don’t break up before I get to watch Kyuhyun sing live.

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Bonamana 101

Yes, this is the defining Bonamana screencapture.

I’m going to say straight off the bat that,

1. This song is uninspired.

2. This video is amazingly lazy, even by SM standards.

3. The lyrics are elementary.

4. Yoo Young-jin needs to take a HUGE vacation and step away from SM studios for a while. Come back with a few new beats, and then we’ll talk. In fact, he and Teddy should vacation together.

BUT. The song’s choreography makes up for everything.

I was really, really, realllllly unimpressed by the video — I downright disliked it — but I also know that Super Junior tends to spend a lot of time on crafting choreography for their songs. They have the advantage and disadvantage of having 13 10 members. On the one hand, it still looks like a circus when they perform on stage. On the other hand, they get to incorporate cool stuff into their dances because they can break the 10 membered group into mini-groups during the dances.

This is one of the most high-energy dances I’ve seen in Kpop. I get such a rush of adrenaline after watching them dance to this song. A lot of the moves are “??????” and look wild and flail-y but I DIG. I dig everything. I dig the Egyptian walks, the backward-bent kicks, the LAME harem pants. It’s really 70s feeling for some reason, total disco stuff. There are even moves in there that look like moves you would make if you were completely socially inept and completely body/tone deaf and you wanted to fake like you could dance. But it’s all cool.

You know what else I dig?


He’s sliding across floors, crotch thrusting, participating in dance breaks. WHAT IS GOING ON.

Stuff I listened to this year; aka, music of 2009

Time for an end-of-year post. In addition to the music post, which I also did last year, I’ll also be doing a drama post because…I watched a lot of dramas :Db

Favorite albums of the year:

Eternal Morning’s “Soundtrack to a Lost Film” – This album was released in 2007, but I’ve only gotten around to loving it this year. The pieces make me feel like I’m wandering around, submerged under water. Everything looks illuminated, but hazy too, so I don’t know what I’m looking at, yet I want to keep looking. This album makes me feel a jumble of things, but most importantly, it makes me wish I could set every single song to moving image so as to truly make it a soundtrack.

Kanye West’s “808 and Heartbreak” – I like this album better than anything he’s ever done. Yeah, it’s a mystery to me too. But the short of it is that I’ve always been wary of Kanye West because he samples SO much and this album is 80% refreshing and new. “Love Lockdown” is one of my favorite songs ever.

Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry” – I basically talk about this album ad nauseum in the rest of my favorite song review, so read the ramble after the jump!

The Bird and the Bee’s “Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future” – Delightful new find of the year. Their sounds are really whimsical and I love the lead singer’s voice because it sounds so clear. If The Bird and the Bee’s music were a person, it’d be a person who’s good at pushing away pangs of disappointment and loneliness when he/she has to deal with the rest of society. But hey, being sad is still being sad, and I feel the album does dip into more melancholy territory in the second half.

Epik High’s “Map the Soul” – Tablo’s writing never strikes me as pretentious even though I can see how it can come across like that to other people. He’s very sharp with his words and his music (as well as Epik High’s music) reflects that aspect of him, along with the qualities he admires in other musicians.

This is “Cipher” from the album.

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I will NEVER forget the atmosphere in Irving Plaza when Tablo jumped on stage to sing this first line. I can see is so clearly in my head: Beatbox DG does about 5 minutes of beat boxing and then he signals the start of the “Cipher” performance and the crowd goes crazy. Tablo speaks into the mic from backstage and the cheers get even louder. We were all anticipating, but even that is not enough to describe the mood of the audience. Even watching fancams now, my heart still pounds in anticipation of Tablo jumping on stage and whipping the audience with water as he raps his first line.

Favorite songs of the year:

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