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Inkigayo 7/29

Haven’t done one of these in forever.

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Music Bank 2/18

I only really post about two performances. First, Gahee’s “Please Comeback”:

Dudes, this song sucks. I’ve been so anticipatory of her solo work that I forgot that she comes from Pledis, a company that produces and helms for its artists very mediocre and stale music. Their continued love affair with the Brave Brothers absolutely baffles me and everything else they makes me feel like they don’t know pop very well. At the very least, when I listen to stuff from Son Dambi and After School, I feel like they’re grasping at something, but fail in the overall execution of their songs.

And that’s sort of what happened with “Please Comeback.” The whole thing feels like a five second verse put on loop 60 times until it finally ends. This is one of the most uncompelling songs ever, and that’s a damn shame because it affects the performances and choreography and that’s where Gahee excels. The repeated techno-laced pauses in the song have created some awkward choreography (is she DJ-ing? spinning a plate? smoothing out a wrinkle? playing with herself??) and it’s so dramatic and decidedly un-fun.

Gahee’s best when she’s having fun with her music. Cases in point: Diva on Strong Heart, Lip Gloss & Wall to Wall on Dance Battle. I’ve watched those clips so many times I’ve almost got them memorized, that’s how good Gahee is. And she is still good now, but…she’s not as fiery as she could be if she were given better music. I thought her dancing during “Because of You” was soooo boring but her stuff during “Bang” was phenom. Gahee’s a damn good dancer and performer, but you have to give her the right stuff. Thankfully, she usually chooses the good stuff/is given good stuff, but “Please Comeback” is shitty. Now let’s promote “Rollercoaster”!

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Music Bank 5/21/10

Dude, good show. Okay, maybe not good show, just good lineup: 4Minute, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, f(x), CN Blue, Hyori, Rain, 2PM, Beast, Gummy, MBLAQ. Throw in some SS501, SHINee, Big Bang, 2NE1, and music shows will probably get their biggest viewership known to man. Bring it, summer!

Wonder Girls’ “2 Different Tears”

This song is terrible. I’ve tried listening to this track in full many, many times now, but have given up every single time until I watched this comeback. Which is a shame, because Ye Eun’s voice is my favorite female voice in Kpop and…just…I cannot do it. The song is so uninspired and too reminiscent, and the dance is just laaaaaame. The verses are disjointed and incoherent, and the rap is odd and has no flow. But again, YE EUN!!


“Oh Yeah” is maybe the single worst debut song ever, which is why I could never truly get into MBLAQ until now. “Y” is decent, but I realize now that if you really want your audience pumped up, you have to have a song that has strong bass and detailed producing. KBS’ studio seems to be really big and voluminous and if your song is thinly layered, the sound seems to be very empty, which it is in MBLAQ’s case. And when you watch a performance and a song sounds empty, there’s just nothing to bob your head to. MBLAQ’s fanchants are loud, and not because they have that many fans, but because there’s just no music covering up their drone, lol.

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Music Bank 5/14/10

Super Junior’s “Bonamana”

When I said that Bonamana’s choreography is “high energy,” I grossly underestimated.

This wasn’t a bad performance, but a lot of members were really out of breath and you could hear it through the mics. At first, I was thinking it’s better idea to use head mics, but those suckers would’ve caught everything and it’s better in retrospect that they didn’t use those.

And I’m wildly impressed by Ryeowook. That guy’s lungs aren’t human. He is solid throughout the entire performance and he always has been for all Suju perfs I’ve ever watched. I have a soft spot for Ryeowook because he’s just so dependable live, despite someone thinking that it was a good idea to give him swishy, waterfall hair that he had to flip out of his face every .5 seconds.

I don’t need to say a lot for Kyuhyun1, but OMG Kyuhyun. It really just tickles my pickle (yep, I just said that) when I find a performer who can sing well and dance well. Junsu of DBSK was my Kpop jjang because he is master at doing both at the same time, but there is still something about Junsu’s voice that I haven’t grown to love 100% even after three years.

Kyuhyun’s, on the other hand, I could listen to for the rest of my life. I generally find that those in SM who are really good singers in each particular group are not natural movers2 — Jaejoong (omg worst dancer ever), Ryewook (well, he tries), Onew (FAIL), Yehsung (please), Tiffany (so bad). And even though I never thought of Kyuhyun as a great dancer, he’s become one, which is really a pleasant surprise and makes me love him even more if that’s at all possible.3

1 I am a fucking liar.
2 Exceptions to this are Jonghyun of SHINee and Luna of f(x).
3 SuJu, please don’t break up before I get to watch Kyuhyun sing live.

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Music Core 5/8/10

f(x)’s “NU ABO”

You know how in a lot of songs, you hear a line in the studio version and everything’s fine, and then when you see it performed live, you’re like, “Oh, so that’s how it’s supposed to go?? Huh.”

That’s me with Sulli’s spoken/rapped/half-sung line where she first sidles with Luna and then switches off to Krystal. It sounded a little out of place tonally and I hate this stupid half rap/half spoken/half something else thing that’s been going on in SM songs (like Sunny, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung’s lines in “Run Devil Run”). I don’t know because I’m not a performer, singer, or dancer, but it seems like speaking lines while dancing is harder to do than singing, because when you speak you have to go at an assured pace, and it’s hard to do that when you’re out of breath and have generally been going with a melodic flow. The speaking punctures the flow.

Other than that, I love the choreography for this song. It’s another piece of Rino work and I love you can tell she choreographed this. Rino’s choreography is really nuanced and has a lot of little movements that are hard to catch because they happen so intricately and they’re not part of a “hook” move that’s meant to be repeated over and over again. (This, like I’ve said, is not factoring in the stupid work she did for “Genie.”) I love the part where everyone shuffles to the left as Amber does her first verse; I love the Sulli/Luna and Sulli/Krystal coupling as Suli does her lines; I pretty much just love everything.

I may like the choreo more than the song itself, but the song is a helluva lot better than LA cHA TA and Chu. It’s a shame that Super Junior’s coming back next week — NU ABO will mostly be ignored after that.

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