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Upcoming dramas and my thoughts

Someone said to me on Formspring that they noticed I’ve been reblogging a lot of Exo on Tumblr, and if that means I’m “back” into K-pop. I guess you can say that based on my K-pop activity as of late. I started watching dramas religiously mid-2009-ish onwards and while I still knew what happened to groups, I didn’t follow anyone intensely and then my energy for K-pop seriously took a hit in 2010 when 1) the dramas got even better and 2) DBSK split.

It’s May and maybe there will be an upswing of things in the second part of the year, but 2012 has been extremely disappointing in terms of drama quality and output. This seems to be the year of cable, which offers a healthy number of alternatives, but that’s not enough to take away the extremely bad taste that MBC, KBS, and SBS have left in my mouth thus far. It’s drama after drama of mediocrity and sometimes it’s even dipping into feces territory -_-

So there are a ton of dramas in the horizon that are in the midst of production, or at the very least, have casts and I thought I’d weigh in on what I think of them before they premiere.

…And guess what? The rest of 2012 ain’t looking too hot either. With that little to work with, reblogging awkward screencaps of half-blinking Kris and Hangeng occupying the same space, gifs of Kyungsoo choking on water, etc. seem necessary.


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Miss Ripley, episodes 1 and 2

This is one of the best drama posters I’ve ever seen. It’s compelling to look at and symbolic in relation to the story’s content. My only gripe with it is that everyone looks so happy. Did they shoot the posters before reading the scripts–which call for incessant crying, critically ill parents, dead parents, divorce, and sexual assault?

Anyway, I digress. Miss Ripley is shaping up to be pretty good. It’s definitely setting itself firmly in the “melo” camp and I don’t think I’ve watched a true all-out melo since…Snow Queen, which I watched years ago (boy, that was melo.drama.tic).

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