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This is a Kim Rae Won fangush post

Kim Rae Won was in the first K-drama I ever watched so him and I go waaay back (ahem). And now that I’ve picked up Gourmet, I’m all over him once again. He also makes me want to cook when I’ve never really picked up cooking before, and that’s kind of important. Because I am learning the techniques to survival all the time, ahem.

I actually really like watching him — or just his character, Lee Sung Chan — prepare food more than I like looking at the final product. Of course, the final product is good too, but preparation in cooking makes me excited.

Kim Rae Won is so earnest about his character that it makes everybody else on the cast more fun, more meaningful and it definitely gives a subject like cooking more life. And that’s how you know an actor’s good. :)

RIP, you big teddy

It’s kind of weird to be writing the first post of a new blog on a dead person, but Lee Eon’s death took me by complete surprise and I’m still trying to grapple my mind around it. JUST YESTERDAY, I was watching him in the 20th episode finale of “Strongest Chil Woo” and was just wondering what his next project was going to be. It’s funny how things work out, huh? And I guess I’m just really sad because I’ve been kept up with the work he’s been doing — I admire the job he’s done as an actor and I admire the job he’s done for fashion as a model. Witnessing something like this is always harder when you feel like you know a person, presumptuous as that may be as just a fan of his, so I can’t imagine what it feels like to be someone he knew and interacted with him in real life.

These pictures kill me:

It’s also because of Lee Eon’s death that I’m almost positive I don’t want to be a photojournalist. I’m majoring in journalism and I enjoy photography and I thought that maybe I could work those two things out. But I don’t think I can. I’ve been keeping up with all media coverage of Lee Eon’s mourning service and how do these photographers do it? Shove their cameras in front of the stars’ face while the stars are grieving, fight all the other photographers to get a good spot to shoot these grieving stars? I can’t. It feels intrusive and it’s not something you should take pictures of. Kim Jae Wook’s photos were disturbing because he was upset out of his mind and these photographers were probably wetting their pants because they were so excited there were going to be so many stars at the event. Not to dehumanize photojournalists, but there are people who need to do this for money and stars bring in the cash. I wouldn’t be able to do it though.