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This is the best they’ve looked since they self-combusted all over their near-decade long careers. I’m not just saying this because these guys are Guys I Like, but they are styled in The Way I Like Boys to Be Styled, so this is pure bliss. I like some of these shots so much that I’m thinking of getting them printed to hang up somewhere. My love for patterned socks under cropped trousers knows no bounds, apparently.

Strong Heart 2/08

Watched this week’s Strong Heart and Changmin’s a really good storyteller. I guess this is easier to showcase now that there are only two active speaking members as opposed to five who had to divvy up screen time. He was funny as hale and looked really good to boot. I am seriously digging the grey suit, the maroon cardigan, the cuffed pants, the New Balances.

Anyway. As I watched this, I just got really sad. I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last couple of days, but no matter whose side you take on this fiasco, the truth of the matter is that on the point of technicalities, JYJ loses. They lose completely. Logistically, they aren’t allowed to use the DBSK name, and they aren’t allowed to lay claim on anything that was produced under that name. That’s what entertainment law has dictated.

But that doesn’t mean that they contributed any less to DBSK’s success, and the reality of it is that they no longer have anything to show for their work. They’re not even allowed to sing or utter the songs that they spent 6 years of their lives performing. Homin can at any point in time fall back on that, but JYJ can’t. And this is fucked up because Homin alone did not make those songs as good as they are — that was a combined effort of all five of them, but only two of them can even sing them.

And as I watch Yunho tell stories about how Kang Ho-dong loved to make him show off his popping skills, SBS chose to air clips of Star King from their “O” days. Junsu and Yoochun were in the shots where Yunho was “popping” and it was just mean, damn. How are you gonna not allow three ex-members face time on your station in the present moment, but use footage in which two of those ex-members appear alongside an active member to illustrate a point? That’s not cool, SBS.

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Best of Music 2010

“You’ve probably heard or read, many times over, that the world of music is a fragmented one–all of us paying attention to our own personal scenes, streams, and cubbyholes, barely aware of what’s happening in the next one over. So when December rolls around, we have this annual problem: It’s harder and harder to say what defined the year. It depends on what music you follow, which magazines or websites you look at, whom you talk to, and how your ears work…

That said, every December, when it comes time to make these kinds of lists, it feels steadily harder to say anything authoritative about which records were the ‘most important. The best any one person can say is ‘This was my year.'”

– Nitsuh Abebe’s “The Year in Pop

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Why don’t you let it go, let it go

The songs were so much better live than they were in the studio versions. The choreography was tight and has much more of the hip hop flavor that I don’t think they’ve ever really gotten under SM.

And watching Junsu live was an incredible experience in itself. I can definitely go on record to say after watching Junsu perform, if I never see another pop star live again, that’ll be fine by me.

So much fail in one conversation

Patricia just posted the most hilarious snippet of a three-way Twitter conversation JYJ were having with each other. Snippet:

(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic Junsu, you use a mac at home, right~? Do you happen to have the mac os x CD? The grey CD that you get when you first buy your computer~
(Junsu) That CD.. ? I’ll look for it~ Hyung, you must be composing right now~lol I made the finishing touches on all of mine in Shanghai^^ hahaha
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic Oh, I see ㅠ I’m writing lyrics right now, but I have so much to say that it’s getting tangled up and complicated ㅠ
(Junsu) Lyrics.. Hmm Have you made the melody..? It looked like a lot of melodies could be created from what you had..

*Yoochun butts in here*
(Yoochun) @mjjeje I have it~Or did I throw it away?? Hm~~
(Jaejoong) @6002theMicky Yoochun, I need thatㅠ I’m supposed to do a LOGIC UPDATE but it’s telling me I can’t because I don’t have the OS X version 10.7 ㅠ

(Junsu) Oh shoot, I’m just tweeting to everyone …I’m supposed to click ‘reply’ before writing my tweet.. Dang

(Junsu) Huh, guys, can everyone still see what I tweet even if I click ‘reply’? Then what am I supposed to do? when I want only the person who receives the tweet to see it.. Hm..
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic You can do that by sending a DM~
(Junsu) @mjjeje Jaejoong Hyung, like this? If I do this, can only you see it?
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic I don’t think that’s it, haha

I laughed so hard when I read this. And more:

LMAO. Who does that?! Copy and paste full source links of shit on their computers? And when one is a really, really, really public figure and has THAT MANY FANS ALL OVER THE WORLD???

The sad thing is, I think this fail conversation 1) would’ve been even funnier if they were still speaking to Changmin (don’t gimme that BS about how they all claim to still have the “same” relationship with each other as always) and he threw in some bitching smackdown on Jaejoong/Junsu’s ridiculousness and/or stupidity, 2) would be a lot less upsetting if I didn’t miss OT5 so much.