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2012, adios!

The only things I cared about this year:

Just kidding.

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Homg ♥

In my trek to grow up, my dad always told me that people like children who are “always good,” so that when the kids do go astray from time to time, they get cut some slack. That’s totally the case with DBSK. No matter how much they may suck (and lately, Yoochun has sucketh hard), if they’re able to do something like this performance of “Bolero” at Ontama Carnival, then ALL IS GOOD.

DBSK will always be idols and they will never be idols. Nobody in the biz right now can do what they did in that perf. For me, “Bolero” is one of those songs that never appealed to me. It was way too long, the MV was boring as haaale, and it just didn’t sound very spectacular. It’s not one of those songs you can listen to over and over and over, because the dynamic of the song is strong enough that once is enough. In that sense, it’s exactly like “Love in the Ice,” and why the Korean performances of the song have utterly and completely killed my love for it. You can’t overdo a song like “Bolero” or “Love in the Ice.”

But once you get that *one* good performance…man, everything fades to grey. This performance of “Bolero” = “Love in the Ice” at Soul Power. (Maybe the perf of LitI was better outdoors, but I don’t like that version just because there is no broadcast version of it and sometimes fancams are just not enough.)

There are so many parts to potentially fuck up in “Bolero” and you feel like you have to hold your breath through all of it, but man — that bridge was PERFECT. I feel like if I were any of them, that bridge is worth all the blood and sweat they’ve shed as trainees and as musical artists.

Oh and just in case anyone thought I needed to say this: Junsu, I LOVE YOU. He was holding his mic with both hands. ;_;

DBSK on Music Station

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Junsu’s singing voice takes me to a happy place. The moment after he sang the first line of the song, I want to listen to it again, and again and again. And that’s the thing too — I’m always newly impressed with Junsu’s voice, like each time I watch and listen to him sing is the first time I’ve ever done so. That’s skill.

I don’t think “Survivor” has very impressive choreography but it’s got a really great beat and is insanely addicting to listen to. And as lame as this sounds, I’m very proud of them for this performance. In my opinion, it’s easily their best Japanese performance in a while. I was really afraid somebody would slip up and mess up a note or something, and the competitiveness in me wanted them to do perfectly for their first Music Station appearance, but I am really relieved to say that I have no complaints about the performance as a whole. Phew!

Something substantial ♥

4th Album Showcase – “You’re My Song” (7:33)

2nd Live Tour Five in the Black – “Begin” (2:30)

Every time Junsu sings like that, I just want to cry a little.

Song of the Day
Junsu ; Beautiful Thing
This song is one of the reasons I’m grateful I ever got into Kpop. It isn’t groundbreaking music, but Junsu is a master. He only performed this song once, but watch it here. It really is hauntingly gorgeous, isn’t it?

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