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15 minutes of fame

Because I am super jaded about Kpop, I really don’t think Jung Yong Hwa (and by extension, CN Blue) is going to have any lasting power in the Kpop mainstream. At the moment they can still coast on Yong Hwa’s stint on “You’re Beautiful,” but that’s not going to last long unless Yong Hwa picks up another role asap. But if he does that, he’s going to compromise the musical side of him, which kind of puts CN Blue in the back seat again. Look at Kim Joon from T-Max. What the hell happened to him? And T-Max? Two hit wonder with “Almost Paradise” and then “Fight the Bad Feeling.”

CN Blue definitely has a unique sound and they deserve more success and recognition, but their management is half-assing them. Their first official Korean debut mini-album consists of only five songs, and two of them are recycled from their Japanese debut. It’s all about pushing out the product while it’s still hot. Who cares about musical integrity and gravitas? In another three, four months, like so many others before them, Jung Yong Hwa and CN Blue will be tiny, diminishing blips on everybody’s radars.