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The Moon That Embraces the Sun, episodes 4 to 8

I find that a general problem with K-dramas that are based solely on romantic relationships and the getting together of two people is that romance alone can’t sustain a story; there has to be other elements. With sageuks in particular, a lot of writers often times feel the need to fill their stories with a certain amount of politics — almost to fulfill a quota — or else, hey, their dramas would just be regular ol’ dramas.

And that’s what I’m starting to feel with The Moon That Embraces the Sun: what the writer of the original source material really want is for King Hwon to mack at it all day with Yeon-woo, but because they can’t, he’s gonna throw in a bunch of plotting ministers and rich nobles taking advantage of The Common Folk so that it feels somewhat historical, and call it a day. I love the relationship between Hwon and Yeon-woo, but I am wary already of how much fluff we’re going to have to sit through in order for the two to get together. It would be fine if the fluff were well-written and well-acted, but it’s not, so I’m gnashing my teeth a bit.

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The Moon That Embraces the Sun, episodes 1 to 3

My dear boy, you are in for a WORLD of second lead pain.

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Best of Actors/Actresses 2011, part 2

Part deux, featuring Han Ye-seul, Moon Chae-won, Yoo Seung-ho, Jung Il-woo, and Seo Hye-rim.

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Jung Il-woo for First Look

So I’ve seen a lot of photoshoots cropping up for First Look/1st Look. Seems like they’ve got a High Cut magazine vibe going on, I dig. And of course I’m going to showcase Jung baby. I love these shots because they’re so quiet and pensive, so unlike the loud and brash Cha Chi-soo he’s playing on Flower Boy right now, and I like him better this way.

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Flower land in K-dramas, part 1: Ramyun Shop, episodes 3-6

Okay, so I like this drama, everything and everyone are really cute, and I’m enjoying the viewing experience, but I’ve come to the conclusion with another friend that this drama is really . . . shallow.

It’s a character-driven drama to be sure, but not really a story-driven one, and that can be somewhat problematic down the line. This is a standard 16 episodes, but at the rate that it’s going now, I’m not sure they’ll have enough story for another 10 episodes.

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