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Stamp your heart out

Tell me this is not the funniest thing ever:

It’s a stamp that’s got 7 belts of 20 symbols, which when combined give you the chance to create up to 2000 different emoticons.

If this crazy piece of work didn’t cost upwards of a HUNDRED US dollars, I’d be buying it before you can even say “WTF?”

(Reminder: I’m still taking entries for the giveaway. I’m closing comments tomorrow night at midnight EST. Good luck!)


Picked up something today and thought it’d be nice to give away to a reader.

To enter, just leave a comment with your name and what makes you geek out. For me, as if it isn’t already obvious, it’s Japanese stationery. They-make-that-for-that??, sometimes impractical, but always pretty and ingenious. I’ll take entries up til a week from today on April 29, midnight New York time. I will ship anywhere :)

You can check out MT tape’s site here.

(via flickr)

New things

The tape thing is now a problem.


Moleskine’s new “Passion” series

A lot of these are superfluous (you need to spend $15 to jot down a list of movies you watched?) and caters to a certain demographic in mind (think: the wealthy literate who have time for wine tastings and film viewings and recipe divulges) but … stationery BONER.

They even have videos for each planner!

View the rest here.

I’m actually aching from exhaustion right now

Busy weeks = hazardously written post-it notes hazardously taped all over my computer. I’m trying to adjust to a new and excruciatingly jammed schedule, and so far I’m not adjusting well. That equals long nights and a severe lack of sleep. Woe :(

(So much dust!)