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New things

I’ll pretend this is an octopus even though it only has 3 arms.

A ring!

On my ear!

This lipstick looks really, really dark in the tube, but is the sheerest of berry reds.

I got myself a Balenciaga for my birthday. It was between this or the PS1
but I didn’t like the clasps on the PS1 and knowing me, it’d make for a lot
of fumbling when I have to put stuff in, so no go.


Finally got this overpriced bastard. I’ve been itching to buy it for months now.

What’s in my bag — umbrella, card holder, 2 MAC lipsticks, phone, pouch with band-aids, floss, etc.

New colors

Headphones in Ocean and nail color in Tart Deco

New things

The tape thing is now a problem.



These are probably the best scrambled eggs I ever cooked. Light and fluffy and mmm I love eggs.

In other news, the new place that I intern at is two blocks away from Kinokuniya. It’s fate.