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Already end of January

This blogging once-a-month thing is awesome. Not. Sorry, I’ve been an awful blogger the last half year. My life hasn’t been very exciting and it’s been very cold. These two things definitely correlate somehow.

I really like the idea of me wearing hats, but I don’t think I’m much of a hat person. So I keep buying interesting hats, and they keep sitting in my closet. Look at that hat though. I bet you’re jealous. Once it stops being 6 degrees, maybe I’ll whip it out. (Last time I wore a wool hat, it BLEW OFF MY HEAD in the train station. Man, chasing that down was embarrassing.)

I tell myself to stop getting earrings, but it’s a habit that never really goes away. The other day I was waiting for a friend and I “accidentally” went into this store and then “accidentally” bought these earrings and “accidentally” spent money I shouldn’t have. Oh well, such is life.

This post is so exciting!!1! Be back in another month.

Fungus Workshop

There’s a place in Hong Kong called the “Fungus Workshop” and it’s basically a leather workshop where you pay money for a certain number of sessions and you make whatever you can/want to with the materials they provide. The people who attend make some amaaaaazing ish. I wish I lived in Hong Kong.

Go check out their blog for a whole bunch of photos of things their students have made.

Busy bee

Slowly updating the wall. Changed string to wrapping twine, which is much more durable, and exchanged the binder clips for tiny clothespins. So cute!

Finally bought a Fuji Instax and the color pay-off of the images is so much better than that of Polaroid film imo. And it’s nice knowing that Fujifilm will always be available for sale.

I’m always, always on the look-out for a tote bag with a great slinky shape, which is why I’ve got at least 20 in my closet. First one came free with a purchase at Strand bookstore, second one from J. Crew (LOVE the shape and the fabric is soooo soft so I bought two different designs…), and third came with an issue of Nylon Japan.

Mildly obsessed

I uploaded these photos in February. I have bought so many more pairs since then. Sigh.

Am contemplating another piercing just so I’d have another place to wear another earring. Double sigh.
(Will 95% not do this. Wishful thinking.)

Pretty stylin’

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