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Secret Garden, episodes 5 to 8

This body switch makes me appreciate that Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won are good at what they do.

The story itself and the gender dynamics between the couple aren’t necessarily the most original (rich boy/poor girl, man leading/forcing woman) but the pair’s chemistry is pure FIYAH. The two are so good at transcending the situations given to them that they singularly make this drama worth watching.

Case in point: every other scene that doesn’t feature some combination of Hyun Bin or Ha Ji-won, whether together or by themselves, is essentially a scene I don’t care about. And it’s not because I love the two so much that I don’t care about the rest of the cast, it’s really because their style of playing the characters is completely compelling (and maybe Hyun Bin moreso than Ha Ji-won). Yoon Sang-hyun’s scenes with Kim Sarang are so, so, so boring and drag on forever. I don’t understand the stuff that goes on between Oska and the younger boy and I don’t care to either! The inner family rivals in the Kim clan are uninteresting to me.

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A couple of photoshoots I dig

Gong Yoo in High Cut. I love that he’s got a permanent “fuck diz shit” face going on in every shot.

Jung Ryeo-won in Elle. Always stunning.

JYP Nation for some Christmas thing. I love that JYP is trying to make “Nation” happen because “Family” and “Town” were already taken.

Saved the best for last: Hyun Bin in Cosmopolitan. Though I have to say, now that I’m seeing him every week with that Justin Bieb haircut, I prefer it more.

You’re welcome.

Secret Garden, episodes 1 to 4

YES! Guilty pleasure drama!

Lemme preface by saying that this story is flawed in many ways right from the get-go, but it’s really fun to watch, mostly due to the chemistry between Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won. Oh and, HYUN BIN! I’ve forgotten my massive crush on you. What the hell happened to your face, though? Why is he so gaunt, bone-y and skeletal? It’s upsetting!

I’ve never watched Ha Ji-won in anything, but I expected her to be great, and so far she hasn’t been a letdown. Not the most challenging scenes, but she’s holding her own and I’m sure her character will get better as we go along.

Baek Ji-young’s “That Woman” from the soundtrack:

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I think the song is a little too heavy and hovers on being downright misfitting in meaning, but it’s such a pretty song.

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