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Look at dem misty orbs

I think I need to watch 2046 a second time to fully get all the nuances of the movie, but I bought this movie on DVD just because I loved this scene so much and I couldn’t find a high enough resolution version of the movie to screencap it properly.

Kimura Takuya’s role in this movie was criminally short and I find Tony Leung’s speaking voice to be unfit for movie narration, but that’s neither here nor there.

Faye Wong’s “Love Letter to Myself”

You know those songs you listened to all the time without realize you’re listening to them because you were really listening to them through your parents? It’d be on, you’d hear it, and it would unconsciously embed itself into your childhood, existence, or whatever. This song is like that. “Love Letter to Myself” is an epically simple song but it hits all the right emotional pitches. Faye Wong is just iconic in that sense.