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Current K-pop #3: Before U Go

Ladies and gentlemen, this music video serves as a warning: this is what Kdrama life will be like if you let SM helm a project.

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Strong Heart 2/08

Watched this week’s Strong Heart and Changmin’s a really good storyteller. I guess this is easier to showcase now that there are only two active speaking members as opposed to five who had to divvy up screen time. He was funny as hale and looked really good to boot. I am seriously digging the grey suit, the maroon cardigan, the cuffed pants, the New Balances.

Anyway. As I watched this, I just got really sad. I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last couple of days, but no matter whose side you take on this fiasco, the truth of the matter is that on the point of technicalities, JYJ loses. They lose completely. Logistically, they aren’t allowed to use the DBSK name, and they aren’t allowed to lay claim on anything that was produced under that name. That’s what entertainment law has dictated.

But that doesn’t mean that they contributed any less to DBSK’s success, and the reality of it is that they no longer have anything to show for their work. They’re not even allowed to sing or utter the songs that they spent 6 years of their lives performing. Homin can at any point in time fall back on that, but JYJ can’t. And this is fucked up because Homin alone did not make those songs as good as they are — that was a combined effort of all five of them, but only two of them can even sing them.

And as I watch Yunho tell stories about how Kang Ho-dong loved to make him show off his popping skills, SBS chose to air clips of Star King from their “O” days. Junsu and Yoochun were in the shots where Yunho was “popping” and it was just mean, damn. How are you gonna not allow three ex-members face time on your station in the present moment, but use footage in which two of those ex-members appear alongside an active member to illustrate a point? That’s not cool, SBS.

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Current K-pop #1: MBLAQ, DBSK

One I love, one I love to hate (or just kind of…hate).

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Dang, son

And I mean daaaaaang son.

I’ve never found Changmin attractive until now.

Also, their song for Athena is pretty good, but I have a feeling that it’ll become really annoying after it’s inserted gratuitously over and over since it is the theme song. You know what it’s missing though? Three voices. Oh, which three voices? Three little voices called JYJ.