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The young ones in High Cut

The young adult cast of The Moon That Embraces the Sun in the latest issue of High Cut. They’re going a weedle too hard on the whole “Flower Boy” thing, but this is the cutest photoshoot ever. Whimsy and Victorian fancy…! Can’t wait for the rest of the images to be released.

UGH I MISS THEM. /sadface
Yeo Jin-goo, pick! next! project! soon!

High Cut Magazine #2

Go Soo

Sometimes, I like behind-the-scenes/making-of’s even more than the finished editorial products themselves. Here are a bunch of BTS videos from High Cut shoots. Whoever makes these videos also makes good song selections. My fave of all time is Go Soo’s. Don’t pretend like you didn’t just jam to that sleazy song.

So Ji-sub

Cast of “You’re Beautiful”


Yoo Ah-in

Lee Joon

High Cut Magazine #1

Love the photoshoots in High Cut Magazine. There’s something very simplistic and striking about all the portraits they do. Styling is almost always perfect, and I just like how non-fussy they are, and capture all the stars at their best. I hate unflattering photoshoots more than anything, especially with celebrities, because it’s a reflection, in my opinion, of whether a stylist and a photographer have the right chops. Celebrities are not models and there is a certain way they can be made to fit into a concept.

I have a pretty big collection of High Cut mag photos, so I’ll post those every once in a while.

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