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End of year Gayo performances

AKA, things that are awesome in theory, but in theory only.

Like how awesome is an SM Town Orchestra performance…in theory?

How awesome is a hip hop stage…in theory?

And a female idol cover of Run the World…in theory?

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GTOP GTOP baby baby

I’m a little disappointed with “High High” and “Oh Yeah.” HH is kind of generic and their MV is a glorified club video. Based on their and YG’s track record, this video was just half-assed. All the hype was there, what with the invitations and cool concept, but the product just didn’t carry much essence.

As for “Oh Yeah,” listening to Bom sing live is so unpleasant. She might singularly be the worst live-singing great singer in existence. Everything on studio tracks sound great, but she just can’t breathe properly ever when she sings live. Oh, and the song is boring.

I haven’t listened to the rest yet, but I did watch their “Double Double” perf at MAMA, and I really dug that, so here’s to hoping the rest of it isn’t weak beats and lame synth and autotune.