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End of year Gayo performances

AKA, things that are awesome in theory, but in theory only.

Like how awesome is an SM Town Orchestra performance…in theory?

How awesome is a hip hop stage…in theory?

And a female idol cover of Run the World…in theory?

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To show you that I am a delightfully delinquent blogger, I will humor you by answering a formspring question that someone asked me a year ago (I started this post in July, 2010). He/she asked,

Most impressive live performances?

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What a lovely shot. The colors, lighting, and their smiles!! And I like Dara more and more everyday. I know people talk about her singing like she’s the second coming of Sohee or something, but I think her voice hasn’t been really suited for 2NE1’s songs. Her pitch is naturally really high and it’s squeaky, so it seems really out of place with CL/Minji/Bom’s deeper voices. But I personally enjoy listening to her in songs like “Kiss” and in GD’s “Hello.” I think she’s very charming in her own way & ditto to her singing.

G-Dragon & plagiarism + my thoughts on derivation in general

I will go ahead and say for the record that I don’t like G-Dragon as a performer. I dislike the way he raps, and I think he puts up too much of an annoying persona when he performs on stage. I don’t have a thing against YG or YG’s rappers, because I obviously don’t dislike TOP, Teddy, Jinusean, & rest of co. But I also don’t think that disliking G-Dragon as an artist is mutually exclusive to disliking him as a person because as just Kwon Ji Yong going on variety shows and what not, I think he’s incredibly funny, witty, and bubbly. I don’t know him personally so I can only tell based on the shows I’ve seen him on and I do like him outside of performing.

However, I think G-Dragon gets too much credit for a lot of what he presents to the Korean entertainment biz.

He is no doubt leagues ahead of other idol boys by the sole fact that he makes so much of his group’s music, and now his own solo work. But a lot of the work he comes up for himself is derivative. He does get a little sample happy. Yes, you can say that hip-hop centers a lot around sampling, remixing, and reworking some beats with your own flavor. But this is why for me, as a personal preference, I don’t gravitate towards songs that takes elements from other songs. On a side-note, this is one of the reasons why I felt nothing towards Kanye West’s music from his first album to his third. His fourth album, 808s and Heartbreak is probably the only album of his that is 95% sample-free and I LOVED that album. Most of the people I’ve talked to about this album felt like had gone soft and that he’s not him anymore in the album. Yeah I could’ve done without the hideous wannabe singing and the beat-to-death use of autotune, but at the end of the day, I liked that everything off that album is fresh and contained sounds that he came up with. As much as I love “Stronger,” that song would have been nothing without Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

So back to G-Dragon. Here are all the songs that have been accused of plagiarism:

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Why G-Dragon’s fashion sense annoys me

I’ve been writing a lot of Big Bang news lately and the more I write, the less I enjoy G-Dragon’s sense of style. I have no problem with the rest of Big Bang in terms of their style but G-Dragon is bordering pretentious asshole territory. I used to like G-Dragon’s outfits because deep down inside, I enjoy looking at men’s streetwear more than I like looking at women’s fashion, but then with Big Bang’s latest comeback and series of promotions, GD made me want to stick a fork in my eye.

Exhibit 1: The “shocking” hair

Part of the marketing used for the “Stand Up” promotions was that G-Dragon was going to reveal some “shocking” hair, which turned out to be half a mohawk. The shocking hair is actually not that shocking because it immediately reminded me of what SM did to Sungmin’s (Super Junior) hair when Super Junior was going to release their second album. View here:

And this, is where the YG/SM fans are at odds with each other. Super Junior is of “idol” status because idols are what SM Ent. is famous for, and people don’t think mohawks belong on the heads of idols, so Sungmin (and the rest of Super Junior) was immediately the freak with blonde hair. G-Dragon does not come from the idol entertainment company and was the fashionista who took risks. Double…standards? Also something I always enjoy: when G-Dragon wears something truly hideous and gets flak from the media, fans say that it’s the stylist’s fault. When G-Dragon wears something great, G-Dragon is a fashionista.


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