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Questions for SM Entertainment


Dear SM Entertainment,

I’m a long-time listener of the mostly poop you guys release. Because I’ve been listening for so long and have spent so much time, money, and effort on your products, I had a couple of questions I was hoping you guys would be able to answer!

Is that all there is to f(x)’s comeback? Is it that hard for SM to show some understanding of cohesion? Is “don’t start something you can’t finish” that hard to wrap its head around? Does SM have no artistic standards? Does nobody in SM ever feel bored of their own shit?

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2012, adios!

The only things I cared about this year:

Just kidding.

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Short-haired Sulli

…is gorgeous Sulli.

It’s such a pain being a fan of girl groups, especially groups that have an off-kilter fanbase. I’ve been trying to find HQ scans of Sulli in her shoot with Minho and all I got were these, from one of Sulli’s biggest fansites (the biggest?). I stalked her tag on Tumblr for days (in fandom time, that’s years) but these are still the best I have. And of course, I was bombarded with HQs of Minho’s parts before I even saw a cellphone shot of Sulli’s pages.

Sulli has a great face shape and I’ve been telepathically willing her to cut her hair since she started growing it out during NU ABO. Her hair and her really blunt bangs don’t suit her and weigh her face down. She’s got a face that’s meant to be opened up, not framed in. She has really great features — nose, lips, jaw — that all get so bogged down and lost when something that essentially resembles a long, shaggy mop is draped over her head. I also have a personal pet peeve with girls who adamantly refuse to cut their long hair EVER (looking at you, Victoria and Sohee), so I’m so glad it’s finally been cut.

I’m now also stupid excited to watch To the Beautiful You because I re-watched Sulli in Punch Lady and I had forgotten how much I like her as an actress. She is an awful performer and should have never debuted as an idol, but what can you do? I’ll suffer quietly (or bitch about it on Twitter all the time, whatever) about Minho, but Sulli…! ♡

Listen, and read

For people in a crappy place right now.

There’s hope for f(x) yet

f(x) performs 4Minute’s “Mirror, Mirror” and 4Minute performs f(x)’s “Pinocchio”

I wanna say that f(x) killed it, but “Mirror, Mirror” is such a poor song that it doesn’t even deserve to be described as “killed.” So, f(x) did really well. And conversely, 4Minute did like a stinky pile of garbage. This is where I think people need to give SM, their choreographers, and their company’s discipline style more credit than they’re given. (Oh yeah, by the by, also minorly relevant: SNSD did the Wonder Girls better than the Wonder Girls can do their own song. See a trend?)

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