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To show you that I am a delightfully delinquent blogger, I will humor you by answering a formspring question that someone asked me a year ago (I started this post in July, 2010). He/she asked,

Most impressive live performances?

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Before I get to the formspring post, I just wanted to say how surprised I am at everyone’s high optimism for Sungkyunkwan Scandal, haha. I figure I’m just not in a very happy TV mood lately what with real life obligations starting up again, but I’ll stick around and will probably blog more about Song Joong-ki or Yoo Ah-in the episodes in the future.

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Anyhoo, someone on formspring asked me:

I don’t want to use binders and bulky school supplies for junior year. do you have any good school organization ideas? what school supplies did you buy to stay organized?

I’m not the most organized person but I am a good stationery buyer if anything. I swear it’s my true calling in life, and whaddyaknow, such jobs do exist!

So what I suggest are Japanese-style notebooks:

I don’t have industry-related knowledge on how big the stationery market in the West is, but I’m willing to bet it’s nothing compared to Asia’s, which is why I think you’ll find superior products from Asia. Because there is such a demand for stationery in Asia, a lot of companies compete to put out good products and thus offering a large selection of options for the customer. The downside is that this leads to super saturation of the market with a lot of crappy quality products and maybe way too many things to choose from, but trust me, as a customer from America, all this variety is good :P

I’ve deviated from my point, but I like these super thin notebooks because I don’t think I’ve ever filled up a regular American-style spiral notebook up with notes for any class ever. Switching over to these notebooks was a lifesaver because of how much lighter they are. They weigh next to nothing and they can fill up with so much. So why not carry a lighter notebook as opposed to carrying a much larger, heavier one?

If access to a Japanese bookstore is a problem, Muji is a great alternative and has a great online store. Their products are handsome, minimal, and cheap. Best place ever??

Another stationery-OCD of mine is that I have to write on really tiny rule, so this wide-ruled business does not fly with me, and even American college-ruled lines are not small enough. Most of the above pictured notebooks are 6mm tall, which is generally categorized as the B5 rule in Japan. (I just bought a 5mm-ruled notebook. I feel like I’m playing with nerdy fire. Cackles.)

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Someone on formspring asked me,

Do you have a favorite male model?

Can’t narrow it down to one. Two faves:

Mathias Lauridsen

Boyd Holbrook

And one guilty pleasure fave:

Noah Mills

Guilty pleasure because….I’m not really sure if he’s a good model. I usually look at other things when I see him:

If any of you watched Sex and the City 2, you know what I mean. Yes. Um. #2, songs

Someone on formspring asked me:

what are a few of your most fav songs?

This list got a little longer than I thought it’d be…

Imogen Heap – Just for Now (acapella version)
I love this song so much that when I went to watch Imogen perform a couple of weeks ago, when she started singing this song, I teared. Oh, and, Imogen is AMAZING live.

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

Kyuhyun – Smile

SHINee – 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)
Easily the best Kpop debut song ever. Don’t hate. I know all the lyrics to this one -_- No, but seriously, “Hug”? Terrible. “Twins”? Ear bleed. “Oh Yeah”? Oh no. I’ll be honest, I find SHINee still kind of lifeless and boring outside of performing, but you know what, they are easily the best group live out of all their peers and that’s what they debuted to do anyway.

Khalil Fong – Love Song

★ Cinderella’s Sister OST – Minor Waltz

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Ibadi – 오후가 흐르는 숲

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Someone asked me on formspring:

whats your skin care/make up routine?what products do you use?

I’m not usually a big skincare or makeup person, because my policy has always been, if you live right and eat right, it’s better to keep those things to a minimum lest you develop a dependency for them at a young age. But in the last couple of months I’ve started being a more frequent user of both. I’m pretty big on eyeshadow though, my one weakness :(

On the days I use shadow, I stick to MAC’s Relaxing, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, and Smashbox’s Smokebox. MAC’s Relaxing is my favorite eyeshadow of all time but I found out that it’s a limited edition color and I haven’t been able to find a similar shadow from MAC or other labels :(

Also a fan of blush. I’ve got a golden complexion, so peachy stuff works best for me. Pictured above are NARS’ Orgasm and MAC’s Apripeach. On days I just want a little color, I use Bare Mineral’s’ Golden Gate.

I went through a phase in high school where I bought a lot of makeup but never used it because I just didn’t know how to. Now I’m slowing buying one or two pieces at a time and actually contemplating when I will use it to maximize the product’s effectiveness. Currently into buying lip stuff. Above L to R: Fresh’s Sugar tinted lip balm, NARs’ Falbala, and Benefit’s Flirt Alert.

Fail safe lip stuff. I like the Burt Bee’s and Ecolips balms because they’re minty. Nivea’s balm is really saturated with color. It actually could work fine as a lipstick.

Stuff I bought today: NARS bronzer in Laguna, Bare Minerals’ powder, powder/bronzer brush, brush cleanser.