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Nom nom nom, food

I’m not a huge food picture taker. I’d rather dig into my food immediately and savor that, than slave over getting a shot of my food. I’m by no means a foodie, but the food experience is a thousand times more rewarding to me than taking the picture. Sometimes I’ll very quickly snap a shitty photo with my phone, but that’s about it. I wish I could get into food photography…

Not so humble pie

Oh my god I just died a little on the inside. (All credit for pieces of food perfection go to not so humble pie.)

Idle time

My winter break days are dwindling down. I realize that not enough of my peers take advantage of the fact that they’re still college students. What other time in life is it possible to go to school for four months, take a four month summer vacation, go back to school for four months, and then take a month-long winter break? That’s being off for nearly half the year. Cramming fastidiously for midterms and finals every semester seems like a pretty good trade-off for the breaks. College is freaking SWELL.

The last of my break is being spent de-cluttering, as well as going through old magazines and making collages out of cut-outs. I have four issues of Uniqlo’s “magazine” from when they distributed them during the opening of their flagship in the US, and such high quality productions they are. Gorgeous paper, thread-bound, really well-conducted interviews, great editorials. Drool. (I can’t believe the NY Soho store is the only Uniqlo in the entire US. What the dealio?)

And while I declutter, I munch. Above are my favorite candies, both Japanese. The two on the left are soda candies that feel fizzy in your mouth and taste like lychee soda, or maybe Sprite in candy form. The candies on the left are chewable almond + chocolate tablets. Mmmm, cavities …

Speaking of food, #1. I’ve been watching “Pasta,” and the first three episodes essentially revolve around the making of ONE pasta dish. Watching it being made over and over is making me want to make my own, which I will, when I gather the proper cooking ingredients.

Speaking of food, #2. I have, sadly and unfortunately, broken two water pitchers and thus we now have no place to store our water so I’ve resorted to consuming 2-3 bottles of spring water daily, and drinking so much tea that I can’t even sleep at night till 4-5 in the morning. Woe.


…Macaroons like crazy.

Lots of orange-tinted food

Noodles and ramyun and the sort aren’t usually too filling by itself so this go-around I decided to make some ddeokbokki to go with it. The sauce was fine (something I actually have to get used to) but I think my preparation time was too short, and thus the taste didn’t get absorbed into the rice cakes as nicely as I wanted it to be. The sauce served more a “superficial” flavoring so once you got to the center, the taste got a little bland. I’ve always enjoyed nian gao (what rice cakes are known as in Chinese cuisine) so this was a good new food to add to my list of “eat these in order to prevent starvation.” Heh.