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Cheer up, emo kid

I can’t be the only person who thinks that there’s a slightly depressing undertone in almost all the interviews he gives (and tweets he tweets, smiles he smiles)?

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Wang Ji-hye in Ceci

I love the last two shots. She looks so vibrant and happy, a total contrast to the crazy bitchy character she last played on Personal Taste.

Also, isn’t it cute that she looks like a girl dressed up in her finest clothes to go out on a rainy day just to say “Suck it!” to the weather? (Kind of like what I’m desperate to do in this 15° snow/wintry mix/freezing rain vomit-fest?)

Zhao Wei for Harper’s Bazaar

I think everything about this shoot is stunning, etc etc etc, but I wish mags would stop with this geisha/spring blossoms/bird cage/Asian exotic thing.

Elle China December 2010

LOVE this cover and this shot. I’m on the hunt to find a copy of this so I can put this up somewhere and frame it.

Sun Fei Fei in a spread from the same issue. GORGEOUS!