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Drama styling tips #2: Cinderella’s Sister

This drama definitely doesn’t have the same variety as Personal Taste in terms of styling, but it also doesn’t rely on youth and city chicness to tell a story about the characters’ lives, which I feel Personal Taste did.

The best dressed character is easily Chun Jung-myung’s Ki-hoon. There’s also a difference in styling as reflected by the characters’ ages — the younger Ki-hoon was more colorful, and the older is more somber. The younger versions of the two female leads were students, so there was nothing special going on. As adults, Hyo-sun is made to be the more stylish one, whereas Eun-jo is the more practical one.

I know that styling and visuals are supposed to complement a show, but as a viewer of this drama, my mind was only on one thing: the story and its characters’ interactions with each other, so while the styling is never bad, the quality of the story definitely takes precedent here.

Let’s start!


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Drama styling tips #1: Personal Taste

Or, AKA, your one-way guide to dress like a metrosexual man.

There’s some great styling going on in “Personal Taste.” It’s not too flashy and I love that there are so many classic outfits. I’m a sucker for boys and girls in preppy gear. Lee Min-ho looked outrageous and ridiculous in “Boys Over Flowers” but in “Personal Taste” he actually looks age-appropriate. The dude has the body of a model and it was completely wasted in BOF. Plus, it’s not like I don’t already want to bone him every time he’s in a scene, but now he looks good too.

With Son Yeh-jin, I get that they’re trying to make Gae-in “quirky” by throwing random things together but those let’s-mix-patterns-with-colors-with-ugly-shoes-with-ridic-pants outfits are uninteresting to me. I know that the people behind the show made her look more “presentable” after the audience complained she looked too sloppy (giving her a straighter haircut, making her look less sloppy at home, etc), but Gae-in’s best outfits are usually the ones she wears to job interviews, lol.

Let’s start, shall we?

THE BLAZER with interesting detail



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