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Good bye and annyong

Bye Joong-ki!

Helloooo Hot Times.


Sometimes you just like things, okay?

It’s been a long while since these photos have come out but I’m still being a big weenie about them. (Ie: buying a copy of the magazine, making virtual wallpapers out of the images, etc etc.)

Thank god two of them are already models and the third looks good doing anything.

귀여워!! (jk)

I love my Gmail theme. Depending on where you live/what the weather is, on a nice clear day,

on a rainy day,

Ain’t it prection?

Okay, I lied

While the DBSK image made a strong desktop background, I just watched like 10 episodes of “We Got Married” in the last two days and I’m having Hyunjoong fever. It really doesn’t help that he was in a gorgeous photoshoot for Arena TI. Guh.