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Current state of drama affairs #7: Kim Soo-hyun

Haay baaaaby.

So I’m going to take back everything I said about “Dream High” because despite its cheesiness, it is also overwhelmingly good and that makes me happy mostly because I’m so psyched for Kim Soo-hyun and the rest of his career.

I first watched Kim Soo-hyun in “Will It Snow for Christmas” and said then that I would totally watch a high school version of WISFC, and Dream High is sort of like that, except with none of the wailing and more of the dancing. He basically got me hook, line and sinker then with those two measly episodes and I knew that I would watch anything he did because he’s just one of those actors that compel you to watch him more and more and more and more.

That and he can do a sick (albeit lame) wave, no?

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Current state of drama affairs #6: Chun Jung-myung

Yeah, this was definitely in the making for a while now.

I usually judge how popular an actor is with the younger fangirls based on how big his/her photogallery is at AsianFanatic’s forums. My theory is that older fangirls tend to like older guys, and older fangirls don’t usually do things like update a star’s photogallery consistently, whereas the younger ones do. Now, I’m sure there are tons of people who do what I just said they don’t, but bear with me. And I’ve observed that Mr. Chun’s fanbase consists mainly of girls who are non-teens. Based on his pathetic 3 page gallery, my hunch stands correct. Babyface has a relatively low tween fanbase, which is totally fine by me because MORE FOR AMY!

Anyhoo. I am proud to say that my longstanding crush on Mr. Chun now spans three dramas and not just a springy fling because he’s in Cinderella’s Sister. I first watched him in What’s Up Fox, then Cinderella’s Sister, and now, Fashion 70s. I’m sure when I have time, I’ll start on Goodbye Solo too, but for some reason Goodbye looks like there’d be a cancer patient in there somewhere, so my drama radar is suspicious and tingly at the mo’.

Prior to What’s Up, I didn’t completely get the hype. After, I understood it. During Cinderella, I was totally stirred. After Fashion 70s, SQUEE. (I also think that three dramas is the most I’ve ever watched that starred the same actor.)

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Current state of drama affairs #5: Gong Hyo Jin

This is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. It was shot during Gong Hyo Jin’s brief New York visit when she and So Ji Sub came to accept their “Rising Star of Asia” awards given to them by the New York Asian Film Festival.

Anyway, I’ve been a complete fangirl over Miss Gong the last few weeks. I managed to watch a good portion of “Thank You” for her (terrible drama, so circular in logic, really heavy-handed with the AIDs theme) and she’s a stunningly graceful actress. What I love about her is that she feels so natural and at ease. “Thank You” is a melodrama, so a lot of angst and tearing were expected, but Gong Hyo Jin has that quality about her that lessens your fear of melodramas, lol. Her expressions and her speaking don’t stress me out. Characters in melodramas, regardless of actor/actress, always have the tendency to act like the end of the world is coming, but watching Gong Hyo Jin act, I just felt like I was calmly observing a woman living her days peacefully, despite turmoil.

Right now I’m watching her in “Pasta,” and she makes watching a chef cook the same dish of pasta 75 times very watchable. Did I mention that I LOVE her speaking voice? There’s something soft and hard about it at the same time and her line delivery is always perfect.


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Current state of drama affairs #4: Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki has a cameo on Will it Snow on Christmas? and I’ve been marathoning Triple, so naturally he’s the object of my current affection.

Even though I’m starting to be really bored of Triple, I think Song Joong Ki’s scenes with Min Hyo Rin are the best. He’s just so refreshing to watch as an actor and he’s always so BRIGHT. I wonder how he’d fare with a darker role, but for some reason I think his baby face is one of those things about him that will have him playing happy-go-lucky roles for the rest of his career.

(He also looks *so* much like Onew from certain angles that it alarms me. And let me tell ya, I love me some Onew. His and Song Joong Ki’s forever baby faces are the reason why they would both have a hard time carrying the “mature” image. See: Onew in the Ring Ding Dong music video.)

Anyway, I’ve digressed. Song Joong Ki is an actor with tons of potential and I’m really anxious to see him get a bigger role for his next project, and hopefully he’ll go down the route a la Kim Bum, once he starts playing the darker, non-cutesy characters.

Moar, moar, MOAR!

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Current state of drama affairs #3: Jang Geun Seok

Don’t even play like you didn’t see this coming.

I feel like I tell this story every chance I get, but I first got into JGS when I watched Hong Gil Dong. That was an insane period of picture-chasing, video-watching, and fangirl-tarding. I love his speaking voice and I like that he improves with every project. I don’t really care about “Beethoven Virus” but rediscovering how good he is now makes me want to go back to all his older stuff and give it a shot.

I know, I know — enough talk, get on with the spam!

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