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Current K-pop #8: U-Kiss, DBSK

The first one of these I ever did was on MBLAQ and DBSK (when “Keep Your Head Down” came out), and I opened with, “One I love, one I love to hate (or just kind of…hate).” Still perfectly apt two years later.

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Current K-pop #6: Exo M vs. Exo K

There’s finally enough material to warrant a “M vs. K” debate. What is Love was nice and all, but K-pop is moot without seeing idols in action, aka DANCE.

Now there’s a more holistic picture of the groups with History since the music video is a little more linear and less like a random sci-fi montage of clips. There’s still some grey area ambiguity with who’s doing what, and whether or not that translates live, which I don’t think we’ll be able to judge with Exo-M since China/Taiwan/HK are going to be their stomping grounds and good luck finding live anythings, but I digress.

I also have to get this off my chest: That desert storm set is SO ugly. The color palette, the way the clothes blend in with the ugly rocks in the back. Everything is SO ugly.

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Current K-pop #5: CSJH is in the hizzle

What to say? This is a well-deserved comeback to be sure, but it’s underwhelming.

For one, it looks like Dana and Sunday have forgotten how to dance. Dana and Sunday were never the dancers of the group anyway, and on top of that, CSJH was never a particularly strong dance group, so watching the two dance has just been awful so far.

And the other more important thing is — this song is a good example of the sort of stuff that is wrong with the Kpop sound.

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Current K-pop #4: f(x)

I never really talked about f(x)’s “Pinocchio” comeback, so I guess I’ll talk about “Hot Summer.” I can’t get over how bad this song is. Like…it’s awful. It’s repetitive, linear, and such musical fail. The rap is horrifying, the song doesn’t go anywhere, there is nothing interesting about it, and it’s actually grating. And f(x) keeps up with this annoying trend of performing speak-sing songs, which I wish would die already. And I can’t get over how the combination of Krystal’s first speak/sing line and her body shaking choreography makes her look like a jittery crack addict.

But there are three redeeming things about this repackage comeback, so I’ll hone in on that instead…

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Current K-pop #3: Before U Go

Ladies and gentlemen, this music video serves as a warning: this is what Kdrama life will be like if you let SM helm a project.

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