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Drama styling tips #6: City Hunter

This show should’ve actually been called Lee Min-ho’s Great Blazers, Pants, and Shoes, not City Hunter.

To be honest, Lee Min-ho didn’t wear a great variety of things on the show, but stuck to an easy combination of blazer/coat/T-shirt/button-down/pants/oxfords where he mixed and matched a lot of pieces. I actually enjoyed that because a lot of times in dramas, characters have these insane, unrealistic warddrobes where they literally own every piece of clothing under the sun. Remember how Jandi was “poor” but never duplicated an outfit twice? Ever? Yeah.

Lee Min-ho’s drama style is the reason why I started the series and it’s nice to see he still wows me with his good looks and boner appeal great style.

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City Hunter, final thoughts

2011 has been a pleasantly amazing year for Kdramas and I think the year just got a little more amazing with City Hunter‘s end. I think this one will be pretty hard to top.

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City Hunter, episodes 11 and 12

Welp, Lee Min-ho has now winked at me, and I don’t know about you, but my life is all of a sudden pretty awesome.

I am mostly loving the epic war building between Yoon-sung and his non-daddy. I love it because it makes Lee Min-ho’s character bigger, better, and more badass. What I don’t love is that non-daddy is becoming a bigger joke by the second and it confuses me because how both characters can exist in the same story? How is one so much better written than the other?

I can only guess that either the writers still watch cartoons for inspiration in writing villains, or they spent so much energy writing Yoon-sung that they just got too sleepy to write Jin-pyo properly.

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City Hunter, episodes 5 to 10

This drama is velly, velly good at packing the suspense. Some of their earlier cliffhangers were awful, but it seems like they’re getting the hang of them and taking each storyline to the next level. I like that City Hunter is suspenseful in a lower-key way, where not everything is as epic and as demanding as the storylines in, say, Iris or Athena. I like that there are complications to the revenge story, not merely because there are obstacles in committing revenge, but there is an obstacle in revenge ideology, which is just delicious.

But this drama is far from being perfect because while I am seriously wowed by some turn of events in the story, I am simultaneously very fatigued by others and can absolutely dread certain parts of the storyline, which is very strange for me because I’m usually on one extreme side of the spectrum with a drama.

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City Hunter, episodes 1 to 4

I’m not sure what to think about City Hunter yet. On the one hand, this is the genre I’ve been waiting for Lee Min-ho to do because this story requires the broad range that Lee Min-ho possesses. Episode 1 was stellar. Lee was mesmerizing. On the other hand, I’m not very emotionally invested in the government plots and revenges, nor am I very attached to Lee’s budding romance with Park Min-young, and Park is another problem all by herself.

So…I don’t know?!

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