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Cinderella’s Sister, 끝!

I’m a big fat liar, sorry. Recaps and I were just not meant to be for this drama.

Now that CS is (finally) over, I’ll go ahead and say that I was disappointed.

Spoilers ahead, covering episodes 6 to 20.

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Current state of drama affairs #6: Chun Jung-myung

Yeah, this was definitely in the making for a while now.

I usually judge how popular an actor is with the younger fangirls based on how big his/her photogallery is at AsianFanatic’s forums. My theory is that older fangirls tend to like older guys, and older fangirls don’t usually do things like update a star’s photogallery consistently, whereas the younger ones do. Now, I’m sure there are tons of people who do what I just said they don’t, but bear with me. And I’ve observed that Mr. Chun’s fanbase consists mainly of girls who are non-teens. Based on his pathetic 3 page gallery, my hunch stands correct. Babyface has a relatively low tween fanbase, which is totally fine by me because MORE FOR AMY!

Anyhoo. I am proud to say that my longstanding crush on Mr. Chun now spans three dramas and not just a springy fling because he’s in Cinderella’s Sister. I first watched him in What’s Up Fox, then Cinderella’s Sister, and now, Fashion 70s. I’m sure when I have time, I’ll start on Goodbye Solo too, but for some reason Goodbye looks like there’d be a cancer patient in there somewhere, so my drama radar is suspicious and tingly at the mo’.

Prior to What’s Up, I didn’t completely get the hype. After, I understood it. During Cinderella, I was totally stirred. After Fashion 70s, SQUEE. (I also think that three dramas is the most I’ve ever watched that starred the same actor.)

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Cinderella’s Sister, episode 5

Now we’ll start the recaps in earnest.

I had really wanted a continuation of everybody in their younger years. Like I’ve said for “Will It Snow for Christmas,” I would not mind watching a melodrama involving teens, because god knows adults can be such idiots. Another reason I guess they had to move on is that they cast Taec, and apparently he’s the only person who can’t play a younger version of himself, while everyone else can. Not that I don’t love kid!Jung Woo. He’s the best; I laugh at every scene he’s in.

(On another note, I am feverishly trying to churn out all of CS’ recaps so I can be up-to-date and recap as the episodes air. I find that it’s really difficult to write recaps for eps that have aired for one-two weeks in the past because you already know what happens afterward and it skews your point of view. So yes, if there are like a bajillion consecutive recaps for this drama in the next week or so, bear with me.)

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Cinderella’s Sister, episodes 1-4

Post-euphoric bliss comes…the nitty gritty facts. Or, after rambling and gushing, I should actually tell you what’s going on in the series. I’m still deciding whether to recap “Personal Taste” or “Cinderella’s Sister,” but either way, I like em both enough to write about them. Constantly. So expect a ton of word vomit for the next two months. Hurray for you! ;)

I went a little crazy with my opinions, finally hashing out all the observations I’ve made of the drama that I haven’t babbled about elsewhere in my other preliminary posts. Hurray for you x2!

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“It Has to Be You”

I think the title of this song is not translated perfectly (should be “If it’s not you, it’s not okay,” or something to that effect) but anyway, I watched the MV for it the first time tonight and I am tingled with excitement. Like I said before, I never anticipated to watch “Cinderella’s Sister” but now that I have and am backtracking through all the preliminary promo stuff I’m coming across all these goodies.

I’m really curious if this MV acts as a supplement to the drama, but not actually part of the drama, because the scenes look like they’re an alternate universe version of the canon that we have now. (Didja like all the fandom fic terminology I just whipped at ya?)

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