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Stuff I watched this year, part 1: Dramas of 2009

I watched many more dramas this year than I did the previous years. Maybe it’s because I didn’t find the music fandom too appealing so I turned to the drama fandom. Whatever the reason, I also ended up recapping two dramas and let me tell ya, it was like writing two 5000+ word papers every single week for two/three months, and the papers were due on consecutive days, always.


The dramas I managed to finish in their entirety: Boys Over Flowers, You’re Beautiful, Brilliant Legacy, Triple, and an oldie, The Devil/Mawang.

The dramas that I tried to watch, but had to drop out of sheer boredom/ludicrousness: Japanese: Code Blue and Maou (remake of Mawang). Korean: Swallow the Sun, Hot-Blooded Salesman, and Partner.

The dramas I’m in the process of watching: Will it Snow for Christmas? and Black & White.

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“Don’t Forget”

It hurts me how good this is. Love the scenes used, loved the coloring, love the transitions, GOOD SONG, and everything that the actual show was not. Oh man, am still trying to wrap my head around why such a seriously flawed drama like Boys Over Flowers had so much of the drama watching world captivated. Maybe if the scene in the drama was presented in the way it was the fanvid I would’ve liked it more?

Boys Before Flowers, episodes 24 and 25

And what will go down as one of the highest rated, most popular, most hyped, most anticipated dramas in Kdrama history, is finally over. These twinges of bittersweet snuff, vut are these emotions…

Once more, with feeling:

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Boys Before Flowers, episode 23

Episode 23, AKA the episode where there was a lump in my throat half the time.

The Jandi I adored from arc one is back! I’m not some sort of feminist nazi who expects all girls to end up alone, happy by themselves, independent of all companionship, self-sacrificing all the time all the time ALLTHETIME, but it’s so nice to see the Jandi who once again sticks up for herself and doesn’t take insult after insult.

The writing for the crucial dialogues were handled with finesse (or more finesse than usual, lol). But I think the directing for those scenes could have been better. We get what purpose the lines serve, but I wish the actors were told to soften their performances in those (or maybe just Gu Hye Sun). But even then, I feel the convos between the ships really hit the spot.

All in all, this is my fave episode since the second arc started. Whoopee!

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Boys Before Flowers, episode 22

Woobin rocks his suit proper. Rejoice for Woobin screentime!

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