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Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook 10/16

One Shot and I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Younha’s voice is phenom. I tend to prefer voices that are on the deeper end of the spectrum, and her voice is that and it just sounds really full. I hate thin voices.

I think she looks horrible image-wise for this new single, but the song is pretty good. Not my favorite, but I always love listening to her voice. She, Ye-eun, and IU are tops in my books for fave female voices in Kpop.

Ain’t No Sunshine and Hurricane Venus

BoA hits the most beyoooootiful note in “Ain’t No Sunshine” (starting at 1:43) and this is probably one of my favorite performances of hers. The song requires a more guttural sound and I think BoA’s voice is best when she has to throw her voice deeper, than when she has to do falsetto.

I’m actually kinda sad that her Korean promotion is going to be over already. Only three months after five years seems a little harsh for Korean fans. And “Hurricane Venus” has really grown on me, because I love listening to her sing in this song. Everything’s so smooth and it’s just unbelievable how much of a pro she is, despite this comeback being, as a whole, pretty underwhelming.

Bye, Queen :(

No words

This is the most tragic outfit I’ve ever seen.

Her Japanese stylists know what’s cool and what works on her body. Her Korean stylists are so constipated up the butt trying to come up with something BoA-ten-year-anniversary-must-be-better-than-everyone-else-must-stand-out appropriate that they revert back to some of the fobbiest things known to Asia. I can’t even tell you what “fob” is supposed to look like or what qualifies as fobby, but I just feel it in my Asian blood.

What the BoA?

Album first: I’m pleasantly surprised!

Here’s the thing: I have a huge love/hate relationship with BoA’s voice. It’s hard for me to like the songs that she sings when they’re slow ballads with one single twinkling piano melody or something. I find her slow singing voice to be extremely nasally, can eventually progress to sounding straight-up whiny.

But then when she has to do the dance tracks and hit all those notes while dancing and belt those crazies out, she rocks my socks OFF. (Ie: 3:36-3:42.)

So, as long as BoA sings uptempo ballads and dance songs, then me and BoA are tight. And while this album is a mere 11 songs long, I only skipped over 2! I usually skip over 90% of BoA’s Korean albums! (For fear of sounding like a super hater, I would give my left nut [if I had a left nut] to BE her if I were given the chance.)

I don’t really have favorites at the moment but I dig the way this album is arranged. The first three tracks go well with each other and I think the beginning third of an album is very important to the impression one gets when listening to a new album.

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