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2012, adios!

The only things I cared about this year:

Just kidding.

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BoA on Sketchbook, 8/17

Two years ago, BoA on Sketchbook, promoting Hurricane Venus. So different, so different.

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Inkigayo 7/29

Haven’t done one of these in forever.

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To show you that I am a delightfully delinquent blogger, I will humor you by answering a formspring question that someone asked me a year ago (I started this post in July, 2010). He/she asked,

Most impressive live performances?

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Best of Music 2010

“You’ve probably heard or read, many times over, that the world of music is a fragmented one–all of us paying attention to our own personal scenes, streams, and cubbyholes, barely aware of what’s happening in the next one over. So when December rolls around, we have this annual problem: It’s harder and harder to say what defined the year. It depends on what music you follow, which magazines or websites you look at, whom you talk to, and how your ears work…

That said, every December, when it comes time to make these kinds of lists, it feels steadily harder to say anything authoritative about which records were the ‘most important. The best any one person can say is ‘This was my year.'”

– Nitsuh Abebe’s “The Year in Pop

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