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Writing 2010 still feels weird

It is cold lately. Snowing for the third time this winter, it’s a total record. I found a mug that’s big enough to be a soup bowl and I’ve been drinking gallons and gallons of tea.

Another thing of awesome I found is my old (old, old) iPod. This is my favorite generation if iPods and I’m sad Apple progressively made the iPod uglier and uglier, with an interface more and more cumbersome to use. (I would love for the split-screenness of the main menu to disappear forever, thanks.)

And lol, here’s a playlist I made from about four years ago:

  • Frou Frou – Breathe In

  • Kate Havnevik – Unlike Me (acappella)
  • Kelly Clarkson – Since You’ve Been Gone (acapella)
  • Gwen Stefani – Wind it Up (feat. Pharrell)
  • Fort Minor – Where’d You Go?
  • Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats
  • Imogen Heap – Clear the Area
  • Imogen Heap – The Walk
  • Imogen Heap – Just For Now (acapella live) <- one of the best songs/renditions of a song ever
  • Oh, pre-Asian pop me.

    Speaking of old iPods, 2009 was definitely the year I bought a shit ton of Apple :\ I never planned to be a huge Mac person and I still don’t have the extreme fervor for Apple that most Mac people seem to have, but I just have a lot of that damn macintosh.

    In my defense, that old iPod doesn’t really work that well anymore, neither does the video iPod. My phone is just a phone that happens to be not-a-Blackberry and now that I’ve had it for four months, I think I can safely say that I don’t really need an iPhone or love it as much as most iPhone users seem to do. I do love my iMac though :D And that wireless keyboard!


    I have a huge problem of not getting rid of the stuff for a long time. Hence these couple-of-year-old magazines:

    But not to worry. I will be ridding these soon and scanning all the stuff that I like so expect a massive influx of scans in this journal from now on.

    I also have a problem of using one bag one day, using another on another day, and never clearing my shit out:

    A thousand copies of The New York Times, more than enough tissue, so much candy, so many little notebooks. It’s no wonder I can’t ever find my stuff amongst all my other stuff.

    (Hi to all the new people who are here for “You’re Beautiful”! :) To filter through my entries for only the YB caps, use this tag.)

    Scan: Stuff on my desk

    Once again.

    Clockwise from left: “Fated to Love you” DVD (ridiculous drama but such a good time-killer), business card case, post-its, bookmark from Strand, stamps.

    Scan: Stuff on my desk

    Essie nail polish, polaroid from a spot near City Hall in downtown LA, sunglasses, Stila Smudge Pot in its casing, earring, iPod, polaroid of the Times building in downtown LA, Burt’s Bees Lipbalm, another earring, post its :D

    I’ve re-busted out my scanner and I’ve been scanning up a storm of the stuff I’ve saved up: tons of magazines, a lot of interesting pieces of clippings I’ve accumulated, etc etc. It’s part of my “Summer is almost over and after 4 months, you still have not accomplished anything on your summer to-do list, so start hustlin’!” regime. I have SO many fashion magazines I’ve saved up in my room that it’s alarming. And really, I saved them so I could scan them because I like having digital copies of pieces, unless it’s so striking to me that I have to put it up on my wall or something. You’ve been warned; there will be a lot of scans coming your way.


    In the process rebuilding the wall collage on my closet door. It used to look like this way back when I first started it. I’ve still got stuff planned but for now,

    That ad campaign is probably my favorite one of Chloe’s and I’ve had the ads ripped out from mags for forever. The Gap ad features Boyd ♥ The “subscribe” thing is actually the subscription postcards that came with some issue of V Magazine that I bought. I was going to color each whole letter separately but I figured I liked it better like this. My pens were not happy at the end of the session.